V2 Hub Not Responsive - Bricked

My hub bricked yesterday for no apparent reason. Went offline and now refuses to light up at all, even after a battery change.

It is getting warm after a few minutes. Last night it got REALLY warm after being plugged in for a few minutes and I unplugged it out of concern. The batteries are very hot to the touch in particular.

Any advice here? I’ve emailed support and am waiting for a reply.

Get rid of the batteries and if concerned about power outages plug it into a UPS. Mine was eating up batteries (without any power failures ) about once a month and running way too hot. Pulled out the batteries and plugged it ( and the LAN switch it is attached to ) into a UPS and no more overheating problems. Unless your entire network is on UPS the batteries are useless anyways.

Although they were handy for pairing devices, I only needed to drag a 50’ Cat6 cable around the house and not an extension cord.