Hub is disconnected. Help!

I was trying to add my wife’s phone as a presence sensor and I think I screwed up. In the process of setting up an account for her, it asked me for the 6 digit code on the SmartThings box. As soon as I did that, my hub status on my account went to inactive.

I’m thinking the hub is now connected to her account and no longer mine. Is there a way to connect my account back to the hub??

The Hub and associated SmartThings “Account” and “Location” is never tied to a physical “phone”.

Your SmartThings “Account” is identified by your SmartThings Cloud login credentials… in other words, your: email address and password.

You can contact: to get assistance with your email and password.

But you can also try to login to: to see if your email and password are valid.

You can uninstall and reinstall the SmartThings Mobile App as many times as you want to any number of phones or tablets; but you need to login to use them.

Your Hub will operate as long as you haven’t “removed” it from your Account.

BTW: The situation you describe sounds a lot like the symptoms of a serious bug that the platform had a week or so ago.

@Aaron or are your best path to assistance, just in case this bug is affecting you.

Sorry, I meant account. I am still able to login fine but it is showing the hub as offline now.

Thanks for the follow up! I emailed support.

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