Lost code forhub

I can’t find my code for my smartthing hub. I’m currently online but I want to add my wife’s phone as a sensor…any suggestions

So are you saying you have the hub working but just want to add your wifes phone as a presence sensor? If so you do not need the hubs code.

Ok, great. How do I add her phone so she can use the app and the devices. Will I need the code any time in the future

Download the ST app on to your wifes phone.
Log in with your email address and password, (the one you use already), and then in the ST app on your wifes phone, go to marketplace, things, presence sensors, mobile phone. It should find your wifes phone.

I would advise against doing this. It’s true that you don’t need the hub activation code if you want to add someone to your ST hub location so their phone can be used as a presence sensor. But if you login to another person’s phone with your account info, presence will not function correctly at all.

That person will need to create their own ST account and login to their phone with that, which you can link to your hub location.

This support article explains how it all works:


Will she need the code to create an account and use the app

No, she won’t need the code. Send her an invite from your phone.

Oops. Sorry about that. My error.
Been such a long time since I added my wife as a user. Should have checked first.

Once you have activated your hub with that code, it serves no real purpose AFAIK. But you should try to hold on to it in case you ever need to prove to ST that you’re the original owner of the hub, like for a warranty claim or something.