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Hub Inactive - Support is Worthless


My Smartthing hub (v2) has been offline/inactive since January 27th. I started having issues after the most recent update in the middle of January after which all of my Z-Wave devices stopped working. After beginning the process of unpairing and re-pairing my z-wave devices, the hub itself went into “inactive” status within the App and IDE. I have powercycled the hub, my router, and modem with no change in status. I have also utilized the reset button on the back of the hub and still no change in status. There interesting thing is that when i log into my router’s admin page, i see the hub and it has an IP address assigned to it.

I have spoken with Samsung support and they have proven to be 100% worthless. After being on old for more than 30 minutes each time, their only suggestion was a full factory reset, something i am unwilling to do as I might as well upgrade to a whole new system if i’m going to start from scratch. During my first conversation, they escalated my ticket and said i would receive a call within 2 business days. It has been a full week and nothing, so i called back. Again, they said they said i can either perform a factory reset or continue to wait on the next level of support.

Any suggestions from people here on what i can try to salvage this hub? Any options for getting a hold of a competent service desk technician? Any suggestions on a new (non samsung) hub i should go out and purchase to replace my smartthings hub with?

(jkp) #2

What is the firmware version on your hub? Tried replacing the Ethernet cable connecting your hub to the router?


Firmware version is 000.024.00020 per the IDE page
I swapped out the Ethernet cord and even moved the device to another switch in the house and it still shows as inactive yet i see it in my routers admin page.


Update: Smartthings support just got back to me. They refuse to escalate the ticket further until i perform a factory reset. This is absolutely ridiculous that their customer support is so lacking.

(Hendre) #5

Did you manage to find a solution? My one hub has been displaying the same behavior since last night. It shows a green light, I’m able to ping the hub within my network, but it shows “INACTIVE” in the IDE. Also tried the obvious things like rebooting hub; router; switching to another Ethernet port on my switch etc.
Sent Support a request, but so far no response.

(Steve White) #6

Two questions…

  1. What are the colors of the LED on the front of the hub?

  2. Are you sure thjat you are looking at the correct location within the IDE? If you click on location, is only one listed?

  1. The LED is green.
  2. There is only 1 location with a hub listed.


Here is another shot displaying my Hub ID that has a suffix of “deleted”.

Thoughts? Obviously I didn’t delete or try and remove the hub.

(Hendre) #9

My hub is also still displaying “Inactive” in the IDE. I wrote support, indicating that I have switched cables and ports; I can ping the hub and the green light is on. I added a screenshot from the IDE, with all the details of the hub.
Their response: Please try changing the port and cable and make sure the light is green. Please provide the hub model and serial number. :sweat:
Oh, and they suggested: Also, could you try reloading the firmware on your Hub? To do this, press and hold the red recessed button at the back of the Hub for about 15 seconds until the LED switches to flashing yellow. " Is that not how one reset the hub? With more than 200 devices, it will NOT be a joke if I accidentally factory reset the hub. I can’t find anything on the web about this “firmware reload” procedure.
I have now tried all I can think of. I turned the hub off for 30 min and even tried moving it to a different gateway. The hub LED always turns green within a few seconds, but I can’t control any devices and the INACTIVE status remains in the IDE

(Steve White) #10

Silly question, but why does the word “deleted” appear as part of your hub ID?


No idea, that’s why i posed the question here. I didn’t delete my hub, but maybe this is why it’s inactive in the app?

(Hendre) #12

It is genuinely a challenge to work with support. They persist that I should “open up specific ports” on my router and all will be good. I even set up a brand new hub which is working fine. Still, I was told the problem is a blocked port. So next, I connected both hubs to a brand new LTE router with the same result - the old hub remains inactive and the new hub works fine.
So currently I’m at a dead end and super frustrated. Support refuses to investigate alternative solutions. Stupid me, automated everything in my home, including the hot water geysers. After two days, I’ll have to find a way to get hot water when I get home tonight - another day with cold showers is not going to go down well. (Fortunately, I live in a hot climate, but still it is not nice to take a cold shower in the morning.)