Account got signed off, Hubs cannot be re-added into smartthings

Hello All,

My Smartthings account got signed off from the app, I tried to login but i am not able to view the devices listed under my hubs nor my Hubs are available.
I tried to re-add the hub again but hub can’t be added back, Says - Invalid Code.
Please help me in this :frowning:

You probably have two Home locations in IDE. Go to #2 in the following thread.

I don’t know that it is the same issue, but I have found when I was “missing” my hub on the site, if I click on the My Locations tab, then on the My Hubs tab, it re-appears.

@jkp … Thanks for your help but unfortunately it dint work for me.
I was trying to re-add the hub again but it throw’s an error message saying “Your code is not valid.”
Please help in this, I’ll re-add things from the scratch.

@April @Ben @mager Please help

I tried this too but it was not appearing.

Do you have two home locations in IDE?

No. only one home location was appearing.

You should contact ST support at and let them assist you

Thank-you @jkp … I had mailed them regarding this issue and support ticket was created before but they dint respond yet.
Again i posted an email to them, Hope they reply soon.
I have to show my manager the working project status and now it is stuck here.

You do realize that none of these people work for SmartThings any longer, right? :wink:

Those were some of the good old days…

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ooh !! I need help in this bit urgent :frowning: from whom do i get it?

Your only official help is going to be from Samsung/SmartThings Support. And there is nothing “urgent” in their response times these days.

A few questions:

  1. Sounds like you’re a long time user… have you migrated your old “SmartThings Account” to a new “Samsung Account” yet?
  2. If the answer to the 1st question is yes, then when signing into the SmartThings Class App on your phone, be sure to select “New User” and then log into with your Samsung Account. I Know it sounds weird, but that’s what you have to do.