Hub Goes Inactive Every Day at Same Time

I wasn’t sure where to post this.
Also, I did some looking around, but didn’t see another thread about this. If there is one, please point me there.

Every day around the same time, I get notifications from my ST Hub that it went inactive, and then another message a short time later (usually within the same minute) telling me that it is active once again.

Is that like some daily update cycle or something?

EDIT: note, it had already happened this morning before I came to post this, and then, right after I clicked submit on this thread, it happened again. :confused:

Is it possible your internet is dropping at that time?

Certainly, but not sure why. I just rebooted the router that it gets connectivity from, and I’ll see if it continues.
Oh, by the way, it happened AGAIN after I added my EDIT above.

There is a maintenance window in the hub settings, but I’ve never seen offline messages tied to that. I’d check your internet connection and maybe replace the network cable. I know at my old house, my internet would have several daily dropoffs and I’d know when they occurred because the hub went offline for a moment.

Otherwise, try checking with support, they have additional tools to troubleshoot,

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How long has this been going on?
Do you notice any slowness in your network or do any of your other devices drop off the network?
How long is it until the hub comes back online?
What Router do you have?
Who is your Provider?

I had a problem a few months back when my hub was going offline at about 1am every night, so I stayed up to monitor my network all night to catch the the problem. What I found was that my cable service wasn’t stable and my router was rebooting to try and grab a new IP (I think). Regardless, time warner cable did see a problem, but by the time the tech got to my house the problem was resolved. When the problem was occurring, I noticed my iPad would switch from wifi to LTE because my router was rebooting.

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I would ask of you to check with support to see if there’s anything on our end: that shouldn’t happen, nor is that something we are seeing as something that is being reported in.

:smile: we’ll figure this out this together to isolate the problem, and see if it’s your ISP, settings, or stuff!


OK, thanks.
After I rebooted the router, it hasn’t happened again, but since it happens every morning at the same time (i.e. not on the hour…but at a specific minute-range every time…like 7:43 a.m.).

When it happens, I get the second msg about it being active again usually within same minute as the inactive msg, but this time, the active msg came a few minutes later on one of the events this morning.

As for @Keo’s questions…

How long has this been going on?
At least for weeks…possibly months. I’ve only had ST for a short time…like maybe a few months.

Do you notice any slowness in your network or do any of your other devices drop off the network?
Unfortunately, I’m usually not up and around yet for the day, and I only notice it in my phone’s notifications after the fact. So, I’m not aware of anything else having trouble at/around that time. I can say this though, I’m not seeing anything from any other device (and there are a lot of them) on my network.

How long is it until the hub comes back online?
Usually within the same minute…sometimes a few minutes.

What Router do you have?
Well, the one that the ST Hub is plugged into is a Linksys E3000. It’s what I use to share wired network access with my AV center in living room (I wired every room in my house when I first moved in). It’s not the primary router though, but one that I use as a range extender for the WiFi sprinkler controller in my garage on the other side of the wall.

Who is your Provider?
My ISP is Comcast.

Are you using DHCP? If so, try reserving an IP for your hub. Maybe it’s an issue with an IP conflict. Do you happen to know if the IP on your hub changes when the notifications occur or if your wireless devices are connecting and then disconnecting from the same router? I had an linksys router that had a similar problem if I didn’t use DHCP reservations. My wireless devices were waking up and securing an IP that was already Dynamically assigned to another device. This was like 10+ years ago, but theoretically it could still be possible.

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All devices on my network are configured to use DHCP (unless specifically non-workable on the client end for whatever reason), and they all have reservations in the primary router. So, nothing should ever be losing an IP.

I just checked my computer, and its lease is for 24 hours. So, I suppose it could be some kind of kooky thing where the hub loses connectivity while it is doing /release /renew or something like that, but wow, that’s goofy.

Also, I don’t think my router (Netgear R6220) has the ability to adjust the lease time. I don’t see a setting for that anywhere in the router’s web admin interface.

Hmmm… Well I am out of Ideas then. If it keeps up, I’d definitely open a support ticket with SmartThings.

Hey Keo,

I am seeing the same symptoms as you are with the once a day hub drop off. Mine normally happens at around 6.30am MST. It normally comes back up a few minutes after. Any more luck working out what it was?

Turns out some timewarner cable hardware was failing in the box outside our house. I had to escalate the issue with a friend who works for the company before they found it. We’ve been solid ever since.

I have the same problem, but only one of my hubs goes offline and back on at 8:30 each evening.

Same to me. I thought it was my V2 Hub, so I bought, after several days a V3. Wanted it anyway.

V3 I connected only with one Zigbee water sensor, but hooked up at the same router.
And what do you know? Both hubs go off line and on line after 20 minutes every day.
I fixed some IP’s but cannot see the router now (D-Link) (I am ot at the location at the moment)
When I get the Offline message I check the webcams. and they still work. So internet is there.

I know this thread is dragging on, but I’m having the same issue for over a month now… every morning around 6:15 am my ST hub disconnects. Internet is up, syslogs (as far as I’m able to access) for parent devices (gateway/router) are not rebooting or disconnecting. Hub comes back after a few minutes. Today, for example, it disconnected @6:09am and was connected @6:26am.

The timing (in my case) is pretty frustrating, because there are quite a few automations that trigger around that time. When the hub is knocked out, they’re disrupted.

Has anyone been able to get anywhere with this issue?