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Hub Inactive - Support is Worthless

(Brad) #21

Your Hub should be functioning as expected again. This is only the 2nd example I have seen but we are investigating. It does seem to be an issue with server routing.

(MacTechGenius) #23

I noticed that the ST App device status has been lagging recently. If I turn on a light switch, it will take roughly 20 seconds for it to turn on and then another 20 seconds for the status to update. Z-Wave devices mainly have this issue.

I’m on the V2 Hub. Any tips on how to fix?

(Robertoleonardo) #24

I just deleted my account and made a new one. here’s hoping this is the only time i ever have to do this.


I’m facing the same problem, my hub suddenly stopped functioning from the application and shown as inactive. however, the LED on the hub (V2) is green and from my network dashboard the hub is having an IP address and is communicating.

I opened a ticket and they said the issue “maybe” caused because my Samsung account from a region and my hub is from a different region and it is not being able to connect to the right region. the hub firmware version is 000.024.00020

Last thing support asked me to do, is to contact Samsung Account support and ask them to change my samsung account to US region and it “may work” without any promises.

I’m stuck with this since 13th of Feb and all my setup (motion, security) is not working.

Can you please help?

(jkp) #26

Try running a-wave repair. It may or may not help with your z-wave devices but worth a try.

(MacTechGenius) #27

Didn’t really help…will try again

(Brad) #28

You should be back in business.


yes, it works now. thanks a million my home is back to life :slight_smile:

(Carlos Micheluzzi) #30

Good Morning, I’m having same issue as related above. Hub is offline since last tuesday evening and light is solid green. I did all the things I should at beggining, full power cycle, left 15 minutes off, changed cables and router ports. Nothing helped.

Like MOE’s stated, support only told me my hub is on a region not supported by ST. So, I’ve it online for the last 2 yrs almost and suddently it goes offline and the problem is because I’m not in a supported region? @Brad_ST, if you could take a look on it I really apreciate, it is linked with my samsung account - classic app.

Like everyone else, I would not like to do a factory reset and need to add everything back there.


(Hendre) #31

It took a week for Support to sort mine out, so hang in there and don’t reset your hub.

(Dave) #32


I suggest you remove your email address from your post and wait for Brad to contact you. You’re at risk of being spammed by exposing it like you have.

(Brad) #33

Hi Carlos,

Your hub should be working as expected again. Sorry about the delay!

Your hub was communicating with the incorrect server given it’s location so I corrected that on our end.

(Carlos Micheluzzi) #34

Thanks Brad. It is working fine now.

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(Carlos Micheluzzi) #35

Good Morning Brad, last night my hub become inactive again. Same behaviour, green light, inactive on APP and web. Could you please take a look on it.



I have run into this same issue, unfortunately. Same behavior. Green light with inactive hub on the app and on the web.

This has re-occurred after “solving” the issue previously by doing a full reboot/reset of the hub and re-adding all devices to the “new” hub. Everything was back to normal for about 12 hours when the Hub went INACTIVE again.

Please help.

(John Leehey) #37

@Brad_ST, I’m having the same issue. Light is green, can’t connect to hub. Is there something we can do without having to contact support for a direct fix?

(Carlos Micheluzzi) #38

It has been 1 week my hub is offline (again). Samsung support is limited to say I need to restore my hub and I’m not in a country supported by ST. At this point, they are wortless and I’ll not waste my time anymore with them. I don’t want to reset it, add everything and then get with same issue again, like @twodollarbill stated.

So, what are my options? I have almost 1k invested on this and don’t want to loose all. I was looking at hubitat. I’m thinking to buy it and move some things to there to test it. The problem is I don’t live in US, so, it will take like a month to get here.
In the mean time I’m thinking to buy a security system and add it to home to at least have the siren and SMS working.
Good thing is my Ring and Cameras are working and I can get motion alerts from them.

If any of you have suggestions to help, I appreciate it.



(Brad) #39

Your issue is different. You are trying to claim a US hub on an EU location. I’d advise against this as it can cause mismatches and confusion, particularly around device availability.

(John Leehey) #40

Why would it be trying to connect to an EU location? I’m in the US and have my location set to the US. If my issue is separate from this thread, let me know.

(Brad) #41

Your location is on our EU server. Is your Samsung account set to a European country? You can check that in your Samsung account profile at