Green Light ‘On,’ but Hub INACTIVE

Hi Guys,
Today my Smartthings stopped working.
The green light is on steady, which means connected to the servers
My Hub was showing as INACTIVE under Groovy
Shows OFFLINE on the App
I have

  • Rebooted the router
  • Rebooted the hub
  • Removed batteries and off power for 15 minutes
  • Reboot hub via reset switch (short press)
  • Changed network cable from router to hub
  • Plugged into different port of the router

Now when I log into Groovy, says I have no hubs!!

Not sure what to do now to resolve the issue

Any ideas??

If you haven’t already, you should contact smartthings support.

Would you believe. After being offline for 12 hours, I jump on chat, and now all ok without support doing anything!!

Yes. The holiday gremlins have arrived.

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