Hub: how to reboot once the graph ide goes away?

Hub: how to reboot once the graph ide goes away?

I use the graph ide reboot function sometimes.

I use a Meross wifi plug to remotely reboot my v2 hub. The batteries have been removed.

The Meross plug reverts to it’s previous state after a power failure.

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Thanks, will consider, hoped that their was a way that is equivalent to what we had in the ide

I am hoping there might be a replacement. I have the hub on an outlet on an Ikea Gateway so I can power cycle it but I have never considered that equivalent to an IDE reboot even though I am not sure why.

Not only for a reboot, but to also change the Zigbee channel. Perhaps the mobile app will add that to the hub’s tile in the mobile app where the zwave utilities and Edge Drivers are currently found.


A hard reboot (cut power, then restore power) is usually different than a controlled reboot (tell the hub to reboot itself) for lots of reasons. Values can be lost, power surges can occur, it can get messy from both a hardware and a software aspect. As a field tech, I would never cut power if a controlled reboot was available. Just sayin’…


Oh it hurts every time I do it.

I was just wondering if the boot sequence was actually any different though. Obviously it can be but that doesn’t mean it is. It just feels like the controlled reboot fixes things a power cycle doesn’t, and I am not sure if I am just imagining things.

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