Keep your hands off my hub, please!

I understand that we are not allowed the freedom to decide when to install updates on our hub, but it was a time when at least, we were allowed to decide when we need to reboot the boxes. I would not have a problem allowing SmartThings to control MY equipment as long as things go smooth. But 99% of the time things go wrong after a reboot, expecially if there is movement in the home. Last night is no different. The hub ‘decided’ to reboot while people were moving around, so now I am left with a bunch of zigbee devices that I need to power cycle to bring them back to life. If I were allowed to decide when to reboot my hub, I could have avoided going up and down the ladder this morning. Thank you SmartThings for your concern for my health, but I’d rather spend my time at the gym, instead of pampering my devices.


Curious. How does the movement cause issues with zigbee during reboot cycles? I would think they just start talking again like normal.

But I’ve had some oddity like this before and never thought to consider a hub reboot as the cause. Interesting.

I noticed that if the device changes state while hub is offline, then it stops reporting. To bring it back, I need to take the battery out.

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That is the main reason I ditched Microsoft. I understand why they do it, many people will never reboot or apply updates. There are security and performance issues that may need to be addressed. Having a reboot window that is configurable would help with this.

The zigbee devices should repair themselves when the mesh disappears (like during a reboot), but not sure on the timeouts.


Surely people use the SmartThings App frequently enough that a “Are you ready to reboot Hub?” button could be added to its dashboard front page.

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They are good at reminding people that they need to dismiss intrusion events, how hard would it be to have the choice to be reminded that you need to reboot your hub.


I am rarely in the app anymore, mostly motion activated/voice. I only go in when I am developing on Nest-Manager

But you get a notification that your hub is offline or batteries are low…

You will be surprised by people’s ability to ignore messages.

While I agree with you that we should have some control, eventually it will need to happen. About once a month I get a popup on my mac about updates need to be installed, and then it just reboots. It may be corporate policy doing it, but I have been in the middle of stuff when it happens.