Features missing without the IDE

I wonder if they are gonna add a reboot hub button in the app?

Interestingly, if you have the Wi-Fi (Plume) hub, there is an option to reboot the entire hub (not just the ST Hub portion). Click on the hub device->Network status->Click on specific Hub/sub-hub->Click on 3-dot menu->Reboot device. There is also an option to factory reset as well.

There is nothing in settings for ver 2 hub, which is what i have & probably nothing for ver 3 & aeotec hub. Hopefully thats something that can be easily added.

reboot hub and topic of the thread is weird information in the IDE - only slightly off topic :slight_smile:


sorry - just wanted an excuse to use the gif

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Ok, so what’s everyone take on this? I hope they do add a reboot button in the app.

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My take is there should ALWAYS be a soft reboot option available. But im old school…


Ya, having a soft reboot option should be required. On a previous hub, I once discovered that it was over a year behind on updates, a reboot and it caught itself up and stayed current after that.

Otherwise, it’s a pain to do a hard reset, given that all my hubs have been v2s. Though I was contemplating taking the batteries out, and switching the cable so I can control it via a smart USB socket controlled by either eWeLink or Smart Life…

Just as the local edge drivers giving me a way to reboot my router… though neither soft nor hard reboot of my router would’ve helped when edgebridge took it down (I had created a feedback loop that caused edgebridge to create a logfile (without debug) of over 10G…

Or maybe it’s time to upgrade the thumb drive that my router runs on, again. Was using a 16G drive, but upgraded to a (faster) 32G drive … perhaps something like the 256G drive I got so I can do cross-compiles to build new router images.

Both servers are running on my router…

It didn’t really register in my brain that there wasn’t a soft reboot option in the app. Like @nathancu I’m old school, there really should always be one. My ST Hub isn’t in the most convenient location.

I used the IDE yesterday when I needed to soft reboot. That still works for now.