Is system down and request for server address/port

Hi all. Is anyone in the US experiencing connectivity issues? Although suggests all is up I’ve mostly ruled out any issues locally or with my isp.

  1. Hub has an IP address and is pingable
  2. Hub shows solid blue light
  3. DNS is working with every other system on my home network.
  4. Internet is verified good in my home.

I would like to be able to check network connectivity to the smart things platform servers just to be sure in my troubleshooting. Does anyone know what address and tcp port the hub attempts to connect to?

Got my system back up. I checked my hub details and found that the last time it connected, it had a different IP address suggesting that the lease had expired. So I set a reservation for the hub using the previous address it had. Then it came right up.

Though I’m connected now, I would still appreciate those server addresses if anyone might have them handy :slight_smile: