Force New DHCP Lease

Hub v2 here.

My Netgear Orbi decided it was going to completely meltdown over the weekend (I think the wind blew from the north again) and I had to factory reset it - which means I lost my DHCP Reservations.

The ST-Hub decided it’s going to grab I have my homebridge and homecloud setup for 244.

Now; you may be thinking: “Well Squeaky, why don’t you just change the configurations to match the new IP address?”

Well let me answer that question for you random internet stranger, because I have a semi-connected home that runs software that is dependent on things like IP addresses not changing. And when a DHCP lease expires, it sometimes will get a completely different IP address; so changing the IP configuration every 24 hours is not as simple.

What is simple, is allowing us to set a static IP on the hub that would allow us to, you know, control those variables… But who I am kidding, that would also give us some type of local access to the hub, and we can’t have that.

tl;dr: My question is, is there anyway to force the hub to get a new IP address? I’ve set my IP reservation, just like I have the last 20 times this has happened, but for some reason, it’s not letting go of the 111 address. I’ve power cycled the router, the hub, I left it offline for a few hours, nothing. My lease time is currently 24 hours (cannot change it) and it’s been almost 72 hours and it will not release that IP.

The next step is to get out the troubleshooting hammer…

My router(s) have allowed me to reserve individual IP addresses for specific MAC addresses within the routers DHCP range. I know this won’t help to fix your current issue but it would fix it for future lease requests. I have several DHCP only devices that I wanted to pull a specific IP address that I have set up this way.

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That’s how the Orbi works too, goes off the MAC to assign IPs. Everything else in the house took their assigned reservations like little champs, but the ST Hub… Oh no, gotta be bull headed.

How long have you left the hub unplugged and the batteries pulled? I wonder if an extended period of no power would cause a new lease request?

It is odd that power cycling the device isn’t allowing it to get a new IP. It may be stored in a config value on the device that keeps it from loosing it’s ip after a restart. Generally speaking DHCP is called when a devices joinins a network. So if that device thinks it is part of the network already, it isn’t asking the DHCP server for the IP Address. You may want to try a few things.

  1. Wait a day to to see if the device updates on it’s own. Generally DHCP Leases range from as low as a few hours to a few days. So odds are given enough time the device will reach out to the DHCP Server and be provided the correct IP.
  2. Turning the Smart things hub off completely for a extended period of time. Like hours and hope that whatever configuration is in there is overwritten by the extended down time.

You may want to check the MAC Address of the hub and compare it to the DHCP reservation setup on your router. Make sure they are the same. I don’t think it should happen, but i have seen occasions were some devices change their MAC address between restarts. That can really mess up DHCP reservations.