Hub has disconnected Issues

Over the past several days I have been noticing “hub has disconnected” in my event logs. I reached out to support and they blamed a third party foscam app and suggested that I uninstall it. After I uninstalled the issue is still present. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? I have no internet issue with other devices outside of ST, just ST. I am experiencing well over 100+ “hub has disconnected” per day.

Tagging @slagle or @Aaron

Also I believe there was someone else with the same issue. Any problems with your connection? Anything unusual in the logs?

Thanks. No other connectivity issues that I am experiencing. I was hoping that viewing the logs and trying to pinpoint other entries around the times of the disconnects but that has not yielded anything consistent. I have reboot the hub, router and modem.

also tagging @RBoy since you support told you to remove his DH/Smartapp

Probably defective hardware or a bug in the firmware. Have there been any recent firmware updates @slagle

@pmusselman are you on the v1 or v2 hub


I have a v2. I agree, it is most likely hardware and that is a hard pill to swallow.

This is the response from support, who has been very helpful. But when it comes to third party apps I want to fair before placing blame. And since I had not heard of similar issues with the Foscam app and the fact that completely scrubbed it from my system, I thought it fair to post here. And also this is the first chance of the day that I sat in front of a personal PC where I could make a more clear picture.

“Recently, we have seen some issues where the Hub runs out of memory and it causes constant restarts. This is caused by the cameras that are listed on the account.”

Again support has been helpful so far and I looking for possible scenarios to resolve the issue.

Could be your network or network connection too. When it’s disconnected can you check if everything else is connected? Just to be sure.

Thanks. I had been think about trying something like this and I can track down the port on my switch to confirm. This may take a bit of time as I have to dig out a toner. Can’t do it tonight as too much is going on at home right now and I will be a hunted man if I do. At least the cat is not here! I can try in the AM but that depends how early I get moving but more than likely a weekend morning project. But at least I am going to reboot my network again in the morning.

This is definitely a firmware issue. ST doesn’t allow any it’s apps to “allocate” memory, just temporary variables and state which is stored in a backend ST database and not on the hub.
Also all custom code runs on the cloud, so the only communication is between the Cloud and the hub, not between the SmartApp and the hub anyways. I don’t see any way how ANY app can cause an issue with the hub, apps cannot communicate directly with the hub expect for calling cloud API’s which then communicate with the hub. i.e. there’ a bug in the firmware that’ allocating memory when the API is called and not freeing it, causing the hub to crash/reboot.

Very irresponsible of them to blame apps when it’s their firmware that’ defective

EDIT: If anything I wish ST would take your hub and take this opportunity to investigate why on the v2 hub when an API is called about 10-12 times a minute would it cause it to run out of memory and why it works fine on a v1 hub. @Aaron

Good news here this morning. It has been over an hour and I have not experienced a disconnect! Took a closer look at the router this morning and it appears that some where along the line I set a reserved IP address for the ST hub and there may have been an IP conflict. As soon as I removed the reserved IP address from the router things have been back to normal so far. This might explain why I did notice any other network issues at home. I will keep you posted and thank you very much for everyone’s help including ST support and community members. Now back to reinstalling the Foscam DTH and app!