“Hub Disconnected” (Dec 2019)

Anyone else seeing tons of HUB_DISCONNECTED today? About an hour ago or so I happened to notice one of my lights for my sundown automation didnt come on. So go into the app and it shows disconnected (classic app). Log into the IDE and boom, HUB_DISCONNECTED. Ok I’ve done this before…reboot hub via the IDE. It comes back online but then other devices showing up disconnected. Reboot again and again. Also not doing it so often, as to give zigbee a chance to do its thing really.

Sometimes the device is still controllable (99% of my stuff is local processing anyway) but occasionally its not. Also it is also some Hue devices and zwave devices. So its all over the place. At this point assuming cloud issues… you know. But seeing if anyone else is seeing this today starting about say, 3pm central time or there abouts according to my logs.

Also, nothing ‘on the board’ aka status page…as of yet if it is indeed a platform issue.

I just noticed that my automations were not working. I checked the app on my phone and it cannot connect to the hub. Heck of a time for this to be happening, as I’m leaving the house. If it’s not resolved by the time I get back I will power cycle the hub.

All good here with 267 devices all online and all automations and smartapps working as expected. In fact, just returned from a 10 day vacation and everything worked perfectly fine while we were gone.


Ive been really stable. This one light was the only thing ive noticed wrong in a time period where I cant remember at least… But about 30mins to an hour later, after 4 or 5 more hub reboots everything was fine. I was talking to a friend online about his setup and had linked him a thread here…when i was like ‘dont touch anything for a bit until this gets worked out’. I went and looked at the api and everything was working again.

I mean sure it was one light, that only turns on for decorative means… and it might have eventually fixed itself. But the hour or so of rebooting and trying to power cycle devices is very meh lol

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And again devices disconnected today. who knows maybe this is happening a lot, I just dont normally go into the app. But went in to do my ‘rainy day scene’…which honestly I should automate lol. But noticed a motion sensor saying its offline.

And then get this…get into the device edit on the phone…back to Korean language again. Oh I love the jank sometimes.

Trying a hub reboot now.

My hub has been inactive for 2.5 days. Reboots and first line support weren’t able to help. Still waiting on a response to my escalated ticket with Samsung.

I have a support ticket open as I too have an issue with about 5 devices showing HUB_DISCONNECTED. 3 of them are zigbee sensors, One is a zwave fan controller and one is a zwave dimmer. If I reboot the hub, they come back online for a day or so. All of them are working even when they show HUB_DISCONNECTED (for example one of the zigbee sensors just reported the temp 3 minutes ago) , but of course, lady A says there’s a problem.

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