Hub firmware update current?

Good evening all

I have a hub model STH-ETH-250 that’s on FW 39.00006. I’ve been reading about the edge drivers and see that I’m not up to date on FW. How do I get updated or am I up to date? I saw the most recent posts that mention 42.xxxx for edge user. Any assistance is appreciated.


Your hub does not appear to be up-to-date. As you have discovered, it should be on 42.x for that version of the hub (v2).

First thing you may want to try and assuming you are not blocking traffic on your network: reboot the hub through IDE at go to My Hubs, find and click View Utilities on that page then select Reboot hub. Give it awhile to see if the light starts blinking on the hub which indicates firmware is being downloaded and installed.

If that fails, you can post if it did not resolve the issue and users will post instructions for performing a soft reset which should reset the network and initiate the download of firmware. Note this is not a full reset which wipes out everything. Try the reboot first.

You can also contact ST support and see if they are able to push the firmware to the hub from their end.


Thank you jkp. The IDE reboot work and now I’m at 42.0007. I’ll start checking out the edge drivers.