Edge compatible hubs

I have a few older Samsung ST hubs with firmware 000.043.00005. It’s the one with the build in wifi router. It was set to allow update > No. I just changed it to allow update > Yes. Is there an update available for this unit so it can work with Edge or is it end of life? What will be the firmware version after update? I have some issues with converting the devices to Edge.

They haven’t announced any EOL timeline for the smartthings hub which is also a Wi-Fi mesh router, but it gets updates much less frequently than the other models and, for me, the biggest red flag is that it is not included in the hardware partnership with Aeotec. So I think at this point there’s no one manufacturing new ones, they are just selling out existing stock. :thinking: but they haven’t said anything officially.

There are some known issues with it and edge drivers, which they are supposed to be working on. You can find a couple of threads in the forum discussing those.


Do you think it’s better to replace them for the Aeotec version?

could that have been Device Firmware updates? I don’t believe there is an option for hubs with wifi router.

can you clarify the issues you are experiencing. Edge Drivers should work on that hub firmware version but there have been a few users who have reported problems.

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I would not at this point until you exhaust all avenues getting your current one working.

The problem I’m having is that the drivers are available on the old ST hub but when I try to reinstall the device it’s picking the online driver version over the version available on the device. The same driver is recognized with the same hardware on other Aeotec hubs so I was wondering if it might be the hub that’s giving me issues.

ok…I am lost now :slight_smile:

so you have another hub where the device is connected with an Edge Driver or Groovy Device Handler?

then also lost with online driver part… are you using IDE where it shows local execution is Cloud? If that is the case… if Placeholder is showing as the Device Type, then it is an Edge Driver or cloud to cloud integration and the local execution would show as Cloud in IDE.

but maybe I am misunderstood…

Yes I have a few hubs. I just tried to update the driver on the “old” ST hub with router. The drivers are listed on the hub under “drivers”. Those are the same drivers that I’ve succesfully used on the Aeotec hub. On the Aeotec, the device recognized the driver right away that was locally installed but on the old ST hub it keeps using the online driver. I looked it up indeed using the IDE and it’s noted as cloud. It’s the same thermostat I’m using on both hubs. I hope I explained it clearly.

All Devices using Edge Drivers will appear as Cloud in IDE. If the Device Type is Placeholder then you are fine. If the Device Type is something other than Placeholder then it is using a Groovy DTH and I would be concerned with those.

That’s the problem. Once installed the device on the “old” hub it’s not a placeholder in the IDE but a cloud driver. The only difference between the two setups is the version of the Hub so I was thinking that the version of the Hub is causing the problem.

This is the point where you need to post details on the devices (brand/model). Screenshots in IDE of what you are seeing on the old hub and with the wifi router.

you are using the Scan option in Add Device and not selecting the device in By Brand.

Correct, I’m using the scan function not the Brand function. It’s just a generic RSC thermostat recognized on the Aeotec hub as a Z-wave thermostat with no further brand names. Nothing special about it you would think.

I just see there is another active thermostat on that Hub using the same Cloud driver. I assume instead of using the Edge driver, it’s picking the driver already in use by the other thermostat.

so, when you open the device in the app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right and tap on Driver… this is where you are seeing these drivers? CLI? IDE?

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Normally yes but not with this device. There’s only edit and information. The driver option is not available. It is available with other devices on the same hub though. That’s why I think that I have to remove both thermostats and reconnect them both. I will find out in 2 days.