Hub Firmware Update 11/17

They are going to charge for the camera stuff at some point. My guess is it will be the same price as dropcam

Nest Cam is 10.00 a month, but you get access to videos for 30 days. The camera service for ST is supposed to be $4.95 a month, and that’s for the clips related to events, I believe.

I’m less sanguine about paying a monthly fee. The whole point of z-wave and zigbee and friends is so you don’t have a dependency on the cloud. And the devices cost enough so that companies should be able to have a decent profit.

I expect well designed systems that fix bugs, not introduce them. And I don’t expect to have to pay a fee to get them.

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I’m thinking Nest/Dropcam will be dropping there price shortly with the pending release of Netgear Arlo Q etc (which offer 7 free days of cloud recording), they will be forced to or have their subscriber base slowing start disappearing.

My 2 euros.

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Well my question is this… As long as it takes to get a response and fix from customer service now, for a free service…

How long will it take to get a prorated refund for the down time of our devices once we are paying?

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I can only hope that they fix the Text to Speak. I so miss the Sonos talking alarm clock @MichaelS

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I am not using the talking alarm anymore, but the only thing is not working for me now is the weather. All other custom messages have been working for me for the past month or so…

I’m really looking forward to the release of Ann alarm clock with Alexa integrated.

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No weather, no Sonos Talking Alarm Clock, only a few things from Big Talker :frowning: however I do still get Mail Has Arrived :slight_smile:

Only a handful of companies really understand how to implement a successful sustainable fee structure. The key is to structure it to self motivate lower fees to the customer. Amazon is a good example with their cloud services.

The fees have to be based on their cost plus a reasonable markup. When the company lowers costs and pass them on, they still make their margin, keep out competition, grow market share and develop happy customers.

No one likes fees when they think they aren’t fair. However, as Amazon has demonstrated with AWS, fees can be used successfully.

Will SmartThings learn from Amazon and create a cost based fee?

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Thank you Smarthings for keeping us posted and our hubs up to date.

And Arlo system has been our for sometime at least here in Canada and no price drop.
I think $10 for one camera a month is a little high $3-5 not so much IMO

If you’re willing to pay, I’m sure Comcast will be happy to take your money

It may make sense for @JDRoberts, since he has to pay someone to maintain his setup anyway, but for the most people who took DIY route, forgetaboutit.


I am sure a lot of companies would be “happy” to take my money. But unfortunately they don’t offer what ST has to offer…

Do you mean daily server hiccups and server cloud flatulence:smile:


SmartThings has 99 problems, but money ain’t one of them.

If SmartThings has the will to fix their platform and operations, they can afford (via Samsung’s deep pockets) to pay for the leadership and skilled teams necessary to do so, and I’m talking mostly non-technical disciplines. Samsung has to be willing to make an investment in saving this baby they adopted and stop trying to put it in graduate school (global sales) until it’s out of junior high.

It is far too early for Samsung to playing the game of making SmartThings prove it can be a profit center.

But look at it from a bean-counter perspective. SmartThings has decent sales and zero negative press, with low marketing and retail costs. The brick-and-mortar entry is the first major cost (shelf space and margins at Best Buy must be killer). ST, as an organization, has no incentive to right itself. I keep thinking there will be a “magic hire”… a new upper level director who will turn out to be the turning point. That probably is the only solution.

Not subscription fees.

Well. My hub has finished updating… Nothing blew up… Yet…

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Mine has been struggling for the past 10 minutes. Lights activated by sensors ( motion or contact) are not working…

I rescind my original statement. The wife just checked in… It’s all dead. Nothing is working. Doing the 15 minute reboot now in hopes that it works.

They fixed it good! See no more bugs…wait my car has arrived, gotta go. ST rocks, made my car driverless…

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Just out of curiousity what firmware version do you show?


So, y’all should just go ahead and unplug now… @jdroberts