Hub Firmware Release Scheduled for 4/21/16 (Hub V2) - 14.38

Hi @slagle and @alex, just wanted to say this regular stream of updates and the details in the release notes is really encouraging for the future of the platform.

Here’s hoping the communication and the platform both continue to improvement!


Tim, et al, the email blast and firmware release notes in advance is absolutely best practice. I’ve been watching with interest as a company owner and customer myself…with both a Vera Edge (business) and SmartThings (home) install. I know better than to expect perfection from any hardware/software, however a corporate ethic of communication and effort goes a long, long way in terms of customer loyalty.

Dennis (

The ZigBee stack used on v2 is newer than the one used on v1. However I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that will definitely cause your experience with the Iris fob to improve if you switch to v2. BTW I think it’s expected to only see a “join” message when a device rejoins the network since the platform already knows what type it is and so doesn’t need to request the additional endpoint information.

Is this the fob you have? . I have one here but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

Thanks for the info.

That’s the one, as well as the “Care Pendant”. I did often (can’t say always) see the endpoint information for my devices (lights, etc too) in the event logs immediately after the join message, so I just assumed that was the standard behavior. Looking at the logs, all of my fob’s successful rejoin attempts today look like this:

whereas the unsuccessful ones would only show “join”.

That was the only pattern that I could find to try to explain the behavior. However, this is a topic for another thread and I don’t want to derail this one any further :slight_smile:

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Migration utility to something other than ST? Okay, I can be on board with that.

I wish you guys good luck with the firmware update. I hope all that QA will pay off and things will go smooth for once!!!


What time is this update expect to roll out? Want to inform my wife, in case things get hairy.

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Did you get the email? Between 4:00 pm UTC (4/21) and 7:00 pm UTC (4/21).

According to Google, 4 p.m. UTC is 11 a.m. Central Time.


thanks, it was filtered.

Well it’s 10 past, and I still haven’t got my update. Who do I complain to? :wink:

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Sorry, I’ve just realised it’s DST here. I’ll complain again in an hour.


:)) this is priceless, I used to get scared of updates too and learnt early on that I need to let family know or else I won’t get to keep my gadgets.
But of late I feel more confident about firmware updates (not so much about phone app updates).


I finally unboxed my v2 hub last night, created a new location and migrated one room and phones over. I see in ide the upgrade to 14.38 finished already but still shows old version in mobile app hub status even after clearing app cache. Seems to work fine. Thus begins the months long manual migration process!

Oops, it updated to hubcoreVersion: 000.014.00032 not 14.38, and now it does show new version in mobile app.

neither of my hubs have upgraded… is this on hold

ignore that I forgot with the time change we are utc -4 not -5 any longer…
will give it another hour or so.

Nope, still rolling out.

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14.32 was the Hub update on 2/29/16. I also waiting for update to 14.38, nothing yet in the “Big Easy”.

There is a three hour time window - everyone needs to relax and quit staring at their hubs. Yours may not always be first in the list.

If you don’t see an update an hour or two after the time window has ENDED - open a support ticket.


What do you want me to do, to stare at my work machine while the slow poke server finishes running my query?


Well I knew my hub was updated because my smartthings motion sensor went crazy again and turned the lights on in the theater. Let’s hope it was it being “fixed” and not my usual random daily phantom motions.

Interesting my version shows 37 not 38?
hubcoreVersion: 000.014.00037