Multiple activity feed entries on single scenario fire

(Eric V) #1

Looks like one for each device that’s supposed to turn off/on. Is it something I set up wrong? Or known issue?

V2 hub


Hub Firmware Release Scheduled for 4/21/16 (Hub V2) - 14.38
(Peter Davis) #2

I see this too. Lame

(Jim) #3

I believe this is a known issue now. I’m my last talks with the ST team, they were pushing it up to engineering for a solution. My specific error was triggered from sunrise/sunset commands.

I would still submit a trouble ticket however to help push it along.

(Eric V) #4

Sure enough. This is a single rule to turn a single light on 90 min before sunrise.

(Eric V) #5

At first I thought it just wasn’t recognizing that the switch was on and it was trying a bunch of times. But it sees that the switch is on.

(Steven Burton) #6

I have this issue as well and have logged it with Support already.

When they reply I’ll post what they say here. I’m thinking it’s known and in the backlog…

(Steven Burton) #7

@evanbeek do you still get this? I reported it to Support and they’ve blamed it on Rule Machine (again):

Looking at your account on our side, I can see that the Goodbye routine runs 10 times in the events log. Coincidently, you have 10 rules under ‘Rule Machine’ as well. We have seen some issues arise with routines when using Rule Machine. You can try removing one of the rules under Rule Machine to see if it makes a difference in the log. Let us know how it goes.

How many rules in rule machine do you have? Is there a match here on your side? Sounds a bit rubbish to me but you never know…

(Eric V) #8

I don’t use rule machine at all (gasp!!). I know, right? My apps and device handlers are below.

It does a log entry for every switch I have attached to that scenario. For example, my “Goodbye” Scenario has 33 switches attached to it that it “shuts off” when I leave. That scenario generates 33 messages.

(Eric V) #9

I think my solution for this is going to be something like:

  1. Create a virtual momentary on/off switch called “All Off (Scenario)”
  2. Add that switch as the only switch to my Goodbye Scenario
  3. Create a Smart Lighting Automation that when “All (Off Scenario)” is turned off, turn off the 33 lights associated with it.

Upside: I can use that same single switch it my other Scenarios like “Good Night” and “On Vacation” to turn off all the lights and I already have the device available since I use it for other “Scene” changes (TV Time, etc.)
Downside: Another hack just to get around bad logging. :frowning:

I’ll let you know how it works out.

(Eric V) #10

Alternately, I might be able to do a straight lighting automation based on mode changes.

(Eric V) #11

Well… That didn’t help anything… (But at least the logging is more verbose)

(Steven Burton) #12

Yeah, I went back to Support using this topic to try to explain to them that I doubt it’s to do with Rule Machine.

Makes sense that it is to do with the amount of things the routine interacts with.

Currently I have no logging at all though in the activity log due to another support issue so it pretty difficult to debug!

(Eric V) #13

Tried multiple solutions. All of them generate log entries for each device that is being “updated”. The best solution I have found is the one that shows above. It is a single “Smart Lighting” rule that turns off all the devices when the mode changes (away, night. vacation). It still does a log entry for each device, but at least it is more verbose (instead of just “Goodbye”, “Goodbye”, “Goodbye”, “Goodbye”, “Goodbye”, “Goodbye”, etc).

This way is also better when adding new devices, because instead of having to remember to add them to all 3 scenarios, I can just add to 1 light rule.

Side note… this, to me, is super low on the fix list. If it’s between logging vs all the other stuff that they could tighten up, I’ll just ignore the logs unless I need them. :slight_smile:

(Steven Burton) #14

I agree, there are definitely far bigger things to fix. I’m just not a fan of the “we don’t know what it is so blame rule machine” attitude. I haven’t always got it but that’s at least 3 tickets where support have said that and it’s been nothing to do with Rule Machine.