Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

I disabled OTA without having had any issues with my devices. Figured I might force it to break, been a few days and still no issues.

I can’t believe it’s this variable. Hope they find some commonality to the issue.

@posborne, can you guys see signal strength levels on zigbee? Since we can’t, wonder if that has something to do with this?

I have a VERY strong mesh (thanks IRIS Outlets!) so that’s my logic as to why I’m not having issues.

Today we can but not in a particularly useful/convenient fashion and not for every hop. This is something we would like to improve and expose as an indicator of device health, but work on both the firmware and cloud would be required to realize that goal.

These measurements (LQI being the main one) are not always particularly consistent/accurate but would provide some data points to work with for determining if there are issues with the last hop. We also have been discussing better ways to expose instances where messages at different levels fail (MAC retries, APS ACK failures, Application response failures, etc.).

For some users, the routes from devices to the hub and the devices acting as routers can be a real source of problems. OSRAM lights, for instance, have a very limited message buffer which can fill up and result in messages being dropped seemingly at random to/from devices meshing through them. In cases like that, you might have very strong signal but still drop messages when traffic is heavier – this is one theory for why some users see routines (which will be sending several messages in a short period of time) behave inconsistently for devices that usually behave normally.


I have tons of zigbee problems after the update and power outage and one of the active user on here and not dealing with support yet. I am just waiting for the holidays to be over first since I know it will be a day worth of work and couple days of whinning from my boss at home.

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Ever since the platform update that introduced the OTA updates, I have been losing connectivity to at least 2-4 devices per day. I have unplugged (battery out) the hub for 20 minutes, turned off the OTA and pulled the batteries on each ZigBee device.

Is there anything else I can try?

It is killing my CORE pistons as each motion sensor freezes, CORE never sees any changes. So essentially each day is a new day of multiple random pistons not working.

This has got to be frustrating for you as well as ST tech support. Why is it some people have no trouble after the upgrade (fortunately, this includes me with 21 ZigBee devices) while others are having multiple problems?

Could be any of a number of things, but the most probable is that the firmware update was corrupted for some people, which could be causing problems, or that it depends on the exact devices being used. It’s obviously not affecting all customers, but it is affecting quite a few, including some of the most experienced members. One of these has been working with SmartThings senior engineers for over a week investigating the problem and they haven’t been able to solve it completely yet. So very frustrating indeed!

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I really don’t have that many ZigBee devices, I think it was 19 last I checked. If it were one or two that consistently dropped offline, I’d just replace them. But each device will be fine after I reset it and it will migrate to different devices the next day. Eventually it makes the rounds and starts all over again. I thought maybe a few were bricked by a failed OTA they first turned that on, but since they reset with a battery pull, I don’t think that is the case. It sure has put a damper on the family acceptance level…

It is like my hub knew I was posting about it today. All but 4 of my motion sensors went unresponsive tonight. When we came home, no lights would respond. Normally I would have assumed that it was stuck pistons, hub offline, etc… but when I checked each of the motion sensors none of them would report motion.

It does seem to be correlating to periods of inactivity. They don’t seem to stop reporting if I pull the battery and then keep moving around. However, if we leave and they stay inactive for several hours they don’t seem to want to report again…

As a temporary test to try and narrow down the problem could you try disconnecting all your powered zigbee devices and just connect your zigbee sensors directly to the hub? I know that’s how I originally narrowed down my zigbee mesh problem to osram bulbs many months back.

Fyi, @whyintheworld

Same here, but this is a different issue to what we experienced back then. Trust me when I say this, but rejoining devices that have dropped is only temporary and eventually the same device - or another zigbee device - will drop off your mesh.

I’ve been working with ST folks for a long time on this, and they need to know you’re experiencing this problem. If you (or anyone else) hasn’t emailed to let them, please do that right away AND reference my ticket #286581.

Osrams dropping off or turning on randomly and now a Multi dropping 10% a day was the last straw for me, emailed support.
The 3 offending Osrams are all different sizes, E14, GU10 etc
Not sure what they can do, short of downgrading the hub software and putting back the old software of the Multi and Motion, which seemed to be perfectly fine. And why they did something so drastic a few weeks before Christmas, without being 110% sure in reliability I have no idea.

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This is so strange that I’m not seeing any of this. Apart from the dreadful false alarms I’m not seeing the drop outs. In fact if anything zigbee stability is improved for me.

Hi @a4refillpad, what’s your zigbee firmware version?

I’m with you @a4refillpad

I don’t have any freezing or dropouts - just really annoying false motion or false contact open/close. I must admit mine are largely motion events thinking about it though


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zigbeeFirmware: 2.3.4

Interesting. How many zigbee devices?

I’ve got 92 zigbee devices, I’ll bet this is count / hop related…

I just asked Alexa to turn on my led strip, she said “ok” but nothing happened. Opened up the ST app, clicked the “On” button, nothing, unplugged the led strip and plugged it back in, everything is working again.
The LED strip is an OSRAM Lightify rgbw strip sitting 2 metres from the hub. I now have to tell ST Support about this problem too, that’s 4 problem OSRAM devices.

Just counted 98 directly connected zigbee devices. Used to be more but moved most of my osram bulbs off onto the hue bridge.

very possibly hop related, ever since removing my bulbs the number of repeaters in my mesh are much reduced. I only have 12 powered zigbee devices now. Maybe the lack of hops is making it perform more reliably? I do remember smartthing support also mentioning that they’ve reduced the speed of zigbee transactions to help prevent devices like the osram bulbs clogging up. Maybe causing issues where people have a lot of hops?

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Hi @a4refillpad. I’m at 132 zigbee devices, and I’m with @Mike_Maxwell on this. Here’s why:

See the statement about “many of the internal tables used by the ZigBee stack are full or close to full, but the source route table has plenty of room”?

I’m guessing that something between the internal and source route tables has changed, and something isn’t right with how they’re suppose to be working together along with all the other zigbee changes introduced with this last firmware release.