Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17

Same here. 33 seconds. Doesn’t seem to be a problem.

O yeah me too I’m stuck on 30s

@borristhecat @johnahesch read my post above

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I am seeing no change in latency with my Hue Lights however I am using PICO switches and a Raspberry Pi and the Lutron Pro Smart App. My latency is about 1 second before the update and exactly the same after the update.

Looks like the hub was stuck at orange light and not the blue trying to reach the network or solid green. Unplugged Ethernet, removed batteries, inserted batteries back and network cable and I am back in business with everything working and most of the devices local and working as expected. And on the latest version.


I’m using a SmartThings Link for NVIDIA Shield. No update yet. My shard is login is graph-na04-useast2.

Is the ST Link for Shield using different firmware than the Hub v2?

Doing that for past 3 plus years now. :wink:

This release is hub v2 only.

Stuck at 33 seconds, also, but everything seems OK, otherwise.

35 seconds here…

Saw people here complaining sensors going off-line after the update?

So until we would be guaranteed this is not happening, I still believe the holiday setting would make sense.


I currently have 016.00014 firmware. If this is 019, does that mean my firmware hasn’t been getting updated? Is there a way to force it?

do you have a v2 hub?

yes I do have a V2 hub

try rebooting your hub from IDE. I bet you will need to contact ST support because you are way out-of-date. Your hub should have been at least 18.22.

Firmware Version 000.016.00014 . - still this.

hang for awhile. When you rebooted, it should contact the ST server and check for new firmware. Not sure how long it might take. I would recommend checking tomorrow to see if it updated, if not, do contact support so they can look into why your hub is so out-of-date.

tmleafs, I noticed 19.17 has LAN hue integration. How does this impact Hue B Smart, if at all? Thanks.

My hub got updated but my danalock becomes unavailable after the update. For me this is a critical security issue as I automate the lock to operate based on presence. If it does not lock as intended, then it will be a problem. I have raised a ticket, plse check.

P/S the lock box came unavailable since 5 hours or so ago but I cannot see from hub event log when the firmware got updated. It may have coincided or maybe not. Plse investigate for me. Thanks

No if you still want groups and scenes, you will need to stay 100% Hue B Smart