Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

I use that function to disarm my siren everyday when I arrives home after the firmware update there is some delay when running the I am back routine so my siren is triggered by my door sensor just before the disarm action in I am back routine is run,
I have raised a ticket and hopefully it can be fixed otherwise I need to disarm manually using my keypad

Another even more ridiculous thing is I have many timeout accessing smartapp/routines in the android app or just the favourite screen for the SHM section, I tried to update android app, reinstall it and fall back to old version I have and all not helping until I grab the android APK from another phone which is running much older version without the favourite features and seems it works perfectly fine, it is just too annoying

What am I getting so many errors with this release? 18.22 to be exact…

  • unable to load your home solutions. Plse try loading them again.
  • failed to start z wave network repair
  • an unexpected error occurred…

I also have a serious lag issues between turning on a light until the physical light is actually turned on.

I have 18.22 and sometimes the hub picks up my things other times they are not there in my android app.

I just signed in to my IDE\SmartThings locations and it says I don’t have a HUB or any device?

I have restarted it but it’s still the same. What can I do to get this working?

Thank you.

It’s picked up my Multipurpose Sensor. But it says it’s always open! wtf going on?

For this particular issue I would think you have logged on to the wrong shard.
When in the idea click on locations then home.
This will take you to the correct address.
Bookmark the address and use it in future.

Thank you.

I tried that but I’m still having problems.
I will follow the “how to factory reset” my hub 2 and hope that sorts it.


Try following these directions and if you are a fairly new user, make sure you select “Samsung Account” instead of “SmartThings Account”.

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Thanks again for your help. Trying to start a new I get

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Sat Sep 02 13:55:32 UTC 2017

I have asked samsung support before but they did not know what to do.
I’ve posted on this forum about the error but no help either.

I will have to wait till the error is fixed.

For the first time in the year we have had our hub (I know, hard to believe) after 18.22 my wife’s ST presence sensor said she was not present while she was still at home. After about 10 minutes her sensor showed she was present. I hope this was just an anomaly.

Also, since 18.22 my Minimote has said unavailable.

You might try replacing the battery. The reported battery level on these sensors is unreliable.

The battery in the presence sensor is just a couple of weeks old and the Minimote has a fresh charge.

My Aeon Minimote is showing the same “Device Health” warning. I charged it, used it multiple times over a 2 day period and it still shows as being offline (yet it works fine.) So, I disabled the Device Health feature as it seems to be more buggy than it is worth, IMHO.

I use the very simple “Device Monitor” and “Battery Monitor” SmartApps which seem to work very well.

What is your “Presence Sensor Timeout” set to? Often, increasing this timeout a little can greatly reduce false alarms.

Note: For 1st gen presense sensors, you set the timeout in the ST Web IDE on your hub’s page. For 2nd gen presence sensors, you set the timeout in the device configuration settings page in the ST App on your phone.

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Good point. I haven’t actually tried it.

My timeout is set to 5 minutes. But that has been sufficient for the past year. If it happens again I’ll increase the timeout.

5 minutes seems like it should handle most cases. I think I changed mine (1st gen) from 2 to 3 minutes and that resolved 99.9% of the false presence events.

You are encountering a known issue. Rather than removing the whole location, can you remove just the Hub from the IDE? Support can help you with that.

Thank you.

I will be contacting Samsung support to fix the error. Then I will do as you say.

Just curious is there anything on the roadmap to allow a system configuration footprint export, including DTH and Smartapp installations. Basically a snapshot backup of the system.

EIther internally stored on ST cloud or something if user wants so as not to waste space on your servers, a file we can keep and download, preferably encrypted if we keep it off ST cloud?
Obviously for security sake on your cloud would be better. But anything would be nice.

@Brad_ST Any idea when we will start seeing battery info reported correctly for our sensors? My 2 multi sensors and 1 motion sensor all report 100%, which is definitely not correct as they are nearly 1 year into use.

My Xiaomi sensors are reporting battery fine so it seems odd that your own sensors do not.

I am unable to speak to where they are at on the roadmap but both backup/migration and better battery reporting are on the radar. Support tracks both as well and can “add you to the list” of requesters if you contact them.