Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

What Iris sensors and where can we see the changes? Have a bunch of motion and would like to see what’s changing.

Is this only for V2 hubs? Will V1 hubs ever get any updates?

Don’t know about the motion but contact sensors got firmware updated.

The next question is then do we know what the firmware updates contain? All my Iris sensors work just fine as far as I can tell. Occasional drops but I think that’s ST issues (or maybe not).

The updates are for the motion, contact and moisture sensors and the change is to address devices dropping off the network in certain scenarios.


Is the roll out delayed? My hub was supposed to upgrade this afternoon, but I just checked the firmware version: Nothing happened…

Nope, we actually finished this one in the window we predicated. I show your Hub as being updated since 4:30 GMT. The mobile app can sometimes cache the wrong value - doing a force close and reopening will usually fix this. Otherwise, the IDE will be correct.


Absolutely. Just checked the IDE, and it says 18.18!

I’m still showing 17 in the app, even after a force close.

But IDE showing 18… must be good :slight_smile:

Hmm, now I’ll have to decide if I want to take the update. My motion sensors have been just fine for a long time so I’m hesitant to update and have a good reason to.

ST outlets showing as updated, but motion sensor and multi-sensor not reporting updates. Should they have received updates also?

Strangely, however, my motion sensor is now reporting 100% battery !!

The devices need to check for updates which they do on their own schedule. Outlets check for updates frequently but sensors typically check every 24 hours. You can click “Check Now” on the device in graph to try to get it to update right away. The update itself takes about an hour for sensors.

If you were on the beta and the hub already lists 18.18 is that it? Or are there any additional updates needed to go from beta to final release?

Or apologies if this was already mentioned.

There will be one more update that you shouldn’t even notice. The version will stay at 18.18.

Tomorrow I am receiving 6 of these with now a all Philips Lights house. :wink: Get them. :wink:


Bobby, you have to let go off that poltergeist you have as your pet for years now! My new hub is haunted though. :wink:

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Firmware Version 000.017.00012
Last Updated 2017-04-07 7:46 PM UTC

But I am not complaining because everything is working perfect!

This is for Hub v2 correct? Not Hub v1 ?

Correct, Hub v2 only.

Great news!

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