Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14

I’m currently on 000.017.00012. What should I expect? My Hub went offline today after I got an email yesterday saying it was going to update today. But it apparently is not at 17.11 or 17.12, but at: 000.017.00012 (Unless you are leaving out the ZEROS when you talk about the versions.)


Zeros are generally left off… it’s padding for internal iterations

I suspect this is likely not explicitly tied to the firmware, but more about the Zigbee network rebuilding after the reboot. You might find that if you disable/re-enable device health, the sensors will begin reporting again. If not, you might (unfortunately, I know) need to unplug and replug a repeater somewhere in the network. If you are having continued issues, contact support and we can help.

I disabled device health and they came back. But if I enable device health they go away again. So I am leaving device health off untill I get home on Monday.

I just got my email, I am up tomorrow, please pray for my hub, LOL!


Not sure what happened but my hub has been down for awhile now. When I go in and ping it, I get “The hub responded 10444.834 seconds ago, on Thu Apr 06 21:11:07 UTC 2017” which is 17:11 my time. Three hours it has been down and I don’t know how else to give it CPR. Unplugged, restarted, pulled the batteries… I think its dead… :frowning:

I had this before the update. The unavailable has been happrning to people. I think the device health is still a little buggy.

See this thread is where I was directed to look.

I just waited for 45min after the hub was back online to see all my devices connected again. Most wereresumed within a few minutes though.

My window was, “12:00 pm EDT and 4:00 pm EDT” and nothing yet on either hub! Keeping fingers crossed, as we leave next week & won’t be back here 'till November…

Mine did the same think, except it went offline twice. It was still showing the old firmware. I went into the IDE and rebooted the hub, now on 000.017.00012. So it looks like you need to reboot hub if not showing the 17.12 firmware.

I echo a lot of the sentiment communicated here. Smarthings engineering really needs to get their collective feces together. 70% of the time you guys update/reboot my hub I need to troubleshoot new problems. I’m close to the point where I need to find a new home automation hub from a company that takes this MUCH more seriously. I assume you are all working toward the smart home of the future yet you keep making those that have to live with our technology leading philosophy pissed off that their smart home just got dumber !

In case you were not aware. I for one expect that any standard switches, sensors, lights, locks etc… should always work. Period. The more you do that interferes with this simple philosophy, the slower you will make the migration to smart homes. Your Mission Statement should include a line similar to “It just works !”

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and troubleshoot my system after you upgraded it and rebooted it without my permission.

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Now another email says, “Friday, April 7, between 12:00 pm EDT and 6:00 pm EDT.”

Does that mean one hub today & the other tomorrow? Or has today’s update been postponed?

Device health probably (rightly) saw that some devices could not be contacted during the update and marked them offline. They should be marked online again once they perform a regular report after the hub came back online. There is currently no special logic here to attempt to contact the device again when it comes back online, so the device-specific regular reporting period would need to be hit before the device is marked online again.

Future updates will be much shorter than this migration update, so this generally should not be a significant issue moving forward (the device could still miss one report, but would probably not miss 2 which is generally what is required for it to be marked offline).

If you have multiple hubs, it is possible that they are split across days. If a hub was supposed to update today but is still reporting the old version, you may need to disconnect/reboot the hub to get it to report the new version as has been noted elsewhere in this thread.

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Thanks, Paul! Looks good now…

My hub currently is having a lot of activity under “events” in the IDE. Both my app and IDE state the old firmware but it was supposed to be updated between noon and 4pm today. Devices are also actually unreliable right now. Could an update be happening now? What’s all the event activity listed as Ssdp Term that’s ongoing?

You will see additional SSDP traffic as a result of the LAN SuperConnect features that were launched a few weeks ago. The only LAN related changes on the hub with this release were some minor fixes and increasing the supported number of concurrent LAN connections slightly.

Due to the offline time during the update, some ZigBee devices may have changed routes which could cause increased/decreased stability depending on the devices that end devices end up choosing for parents/routes. Are the problems related to a specific subset of your devices?

Feel free to file a support ticket to help trace down the problem (this thread is pretty chatty).

Thanks Paul. I guess my core question was why the hub didn’t update during the original timeframe of noon to 4p today and if the update was slower to roll out and could still be updated today. My hub is currently online but it did reboot today, but the firmware didn’t update. I’m have smart lighting rule issues, that’s all, it’s not troublesome right now.

We ended up rolling a little past the window as we had to slow things down in order to avoid overloading the cloud. The aforementioned overloading of the cloud resulted in an issue for some hubs (particularly ones connected to the NA01 shard – see FAQ: How to find out what "shard" (cloud slice IDE URL) your Account / Location is on?).

If your hub went offline for a period and is now online but reporting the old version, you are likely updated. You will need to trigger a disconnect or reboot your hub in order to get the data in the cloud up to date.

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You’re correct, I rebooted my hub (it took longer than normal) but now shows the updated firmware. Thanks for the guidance!

Upgraded and everything seems normal only arrival sensor logged an alert as getting disconnected but reconnected afterwards