Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14

How have we all ended up with the same wife? Hahaha


Are you certain that they are not all of the same Hivemind?

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Just got the UNWANTED emails announcing that TWO if my THREE hubs will be updated tomorrow.

Right after I leave on vacation for two weeks.

Again, no indication of which of my 3 hubs are being updated.

HOW CAN I OPT OUT? I honestly cannot deal with the potential destruction of my hubs while I am out of the country.

Seriously…this is insane!


I’ve been scheduled for tomorrow, just one day before leaving for the UK school half term. Sign of the cross…

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Ok. Well that’s improved (I think) from when I last started to get my hopes up that we’d have true local scheduling soon :wink:

OPT OUT = Disconnect Hub from your network!

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Use a Wi-fi outlet plug in order to power off your hub v2 during the update window and to turn it back on after the update time window.

Won’t the update run as soon as you plug it in?

Was being facetious. Leave your hub offline for the foreseeable future, or roll the dice :slight_smile:

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sounds like we really don’t have a choice in the matter.

If I was in the first batch, at this point, I might actually go caveman and force the family to use real honest to god switches for a few days…Just to be safe!

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Mine will be updated tomorrow. Crossing fingers.

I have two hubs, one updated and while the other is still at 16.14 and its outside the roll out window. Does anyone know if there is another wave or a manual way to update?

Want to see what a company that doesn’t know how to listen to customers?

I just got this response from Support to my request NOT to update any of my 3 hubs tomorrow (I was notified 2 would be updated, but not WHICH 2). I’m leaving the country tomorrow before the window starts, and I surely don’t want them being updated when I’m not around to babysit/recover them.

This is NOT an example of good customer relations:

Hey Barry,
Thanks for reaching out.
Unfortunately, there is not a way for us to delay an update to the Hub, any Hub that is online will be updated when it is rolled out. We are tracking requests for the ability to initiate a firmware update manually, and I’ll be sure to pass this along the appropriate channels for that as well so that our teams are aware of what our users would like from our system. If you want to avoid the update to the Hub, you could disconnect the Hubs from the internet until you get back, which isn’t the best option but would keep the Hubs from updating.
I do want to apologize for any inconvenience there, but rest assured that this update has been thoroughly tested and Hubs should have no issues. If there was anything more that I can do to help out here, please feel free to let me know.
Warm regards,


What did you expect the response to be? Our Support team doesn’t have the ability to change the hub update schedule, or add or remove a hub to a particular update batch. It seems like the Support agent politely told you this and added your ticket to the request bucket for manual hub updates.


LMFAO I knew the SmartThings staff looked at the OPT OUT option being to disconnect your hub. The biggest joke is that they think us having a hub is just for some creative ideas and a hobby to play around with, not a secure and reliable 24 / 7 security monitoring system. Thinking we should start some sort of wagering for every firmware upgrade. Here are some odds:

1000 - 1 = Red Light ( Brick)
100 - 1 = Amber Light (Not home - reboot from IDE)
30 - 1 = Amber Light (@ Home power down / up)
1 - 100 = Green Light (Success)
250 - 1 = purposely inserted bug into my firmware by ST from my post earlier on the 17.11 post mortem thread. Going to post that in this thread as well.

I expect your COMPANY to implement whatever is necessary to protect your customers, including (and not limited to):

  1. Ability to schedule/defer firmware updates
  2. Tools to backup/recover a customers’ configurations
  3. Tools to migrate seamlessly, without outage, to new hardware platforms

Instead, we get the heavy-handed “we know better, we’re updating you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Seriously - why aren’t you guys listening to what your customers have been telling you for YEARS, not just over the past week?



We’re listening, as evidenced by the multiple employees in this thread and others engaging in discussion about these topics. That doesn’t always translate to us being able to turn around and make it a reality.

For what it’s worth, I brought up this topic again yesterday with our leadership team. I’ll try to keep the pressure on it.


Lol! How many people from the community have to submit a request into the Request Bucket (Is this an officially supported bucket) before you listen and not perform forced firmware updates on customers systems? So with 17.11 and now with 17.12, how many more have to failed before you guys listen and implement fail safes (not in your friggen firmware, but on the customer side that allows them to dictate when they allow the update to take place, or better yet, a backup and back out plan that they have the ability to restore to if a failure occurs)? How many?

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Tyler, appreciate the feedback. We know you guys might be listening, but somewhere up the food chain they aren’t listening, no matter how many people have written complaints. Because this obviously hasn’t stopped the next (new and improved wait and see and hope and pray exercise) version of the forced firmware upgrade!

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