Hub Firmware Release Notes - 16.13 - V2

  • Improved Hub connectivity with the SmartThings platform.
  • Fixes an issue causing hub backup batteries to drain faster than expected.
  • Fix for hub crashing issue when certain SmartApps are used.
  • Adds capability to provide over-the-air firmware updates to Osram and Hue bulbs.
  • (OSRAM) After enabling OTA you will need to power cycle the bulbs in order to allow the bulb to check in for updates.
  • (OSRAM) US bulbs only at this time.
  • (HUE) Hue still needs a few tweaks in order to be ready and will let you all know when these bulbs are ready to be updated.
  • (HUE) This is only for hue bulbs connected directly to the hub.

I have not gotten my update yet and it is 3:45. Are there delays?

Got the update. Before this update I was getting a lot of these events:

raw:578A000000000C0000000000, dni:578A, normalActual:00000000, normalExpected:0C, aggressiveActual:00000000, aggressiveExpected:00

This firmware update seems to have eradicated them whatever they were.

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I don’t have the update yet, 000.016.00009

Will the Osram strips do updates now?

OSRAM devices updated very nicely…thank you

Personally, I’m going battery-less going forward after cleaning out all the acid residue inside my 3 month old hub. I don’t get many power outages where I am, so not really concerned with an occasional re-boot and my network isn’t on battery backup, so everything else would be down anyway.

Is there any other advantage to having the batteries in, other than for people who suffer frequent power issues?

All of mine did…A19, Tape, gardenspots…[quote=“celblazer, post:5, topic:76093, full:true”]
Will the Osram strips do updates now?


Great. Anything special like having to power cycle the strips?

Enable zigbee OTA update in IDE under hub utilities
Just hit the check now button under each device in IDE
Then wait 7-10 mins per device.
You’ll see device turn on after update.

That’s all I did…

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My hub had a timestamp from today for “last updated,” but it gave the version 16.00009 until I triggered a reboot in the IDE. the TS stayed the same, but the firmware version changed.

Looks like both my strips and garden spots are pending firmware updates. :slight_smile:

Well my very much European garden light did update.
So folks, do try it out.
Worked like a charm.

Not showing anything here yet either.

login into IDE and do hub reboot then it may update. Worked for me - was still showing old version then update to new version.


It finally updated when I wasn’t looking, like it was waiting. Haha. Thanks!

Humerous, email said 6.12, this says 6.13 my hub still says 6.09…
@slagle, can you be more specific on “fix for hub crashing…”, ie the certain smartapps in scope?

Same for me, rebooted from the IDE and now @ 16.13.

Sammmme! Also I’m a newb so I had to learn how to reboot by using the IDE. :slight_smile:

I think there is a Z-Wave lock that was sending packets to the SmartThings hub that was causing it to reboot. I believe @rboy had some users experiencing it. Not sure if this firmware fixes that issue.

I’m curious too if it’s fixed that issue, that was specific to DH’s running in the cloud (even a stock Z-Wave DH running in the cloud) would cause the hub to reboot but I believe it had a hardware component also in it. I’m curious as to what type of smartapp api would cause the hub to reboot. @slagle ?