New update coming Monday

Mine has been like that for over an hour. I can ping it from IDE but it still shows INACTIVE.

And we’re back. v0.16.13. Wait, v0? Is this still BETA? LOL

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After I rebooted from IDE it took five minutes and the firmware was updated.

It’s actually 000.016 … LOL

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Had to restart my iPhone SmartThings App to show the updated version.

So how long for a device to update? It found the new firmware for all my 13 OSRAM devices (including 6 lightstrips) but they don’t seem to do much with it :smiley: (clicked the Check now for all 13 of them)

if its anything like the lightify hub forever. does it one at a time and takes like 5 min each. I did this few months ago. It was a pain. but maybe this hub can do a few at a time but I would then say even longer.

Just saw 7-10 minutes per device and the light should turn on when done.


Thank you guys for beta testing for us on v1… not bitter at all lol.

did a reboot and still no love :frowning:

Only updates 5 at a time. The more that update simultaneously, the slower it is.

Just rebooted my hub and 16.13 popped up as my firmware… What is this new setting?

leeEnabled: false

My garden spot type European updated just fine.

took 2 reboots but I got it!

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All my Osrams updated. Hopefully they will stop just turning on. LOL

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Mine have been for a few months and while it reduced the number of which would I still have a rouge bulb and light strip lol

8 hours later and all my 13 devices were updated. Great work, ST :smiley: Thank you

I also didn’t have a reset yesterday maybe just maybe…

I had to reset both of my hubs this morning to get the updates.

I’m curious on this one as well…