Product Changes for 2017

This has the same version number as the beta that came out a few weeks ago to give Osram updating. I’ve had no issues with it. I can’t speak for the battery issue, because I took mine out a long time ago.

Replacing the hub requires to scrap your entire install and start from scratch as there is no backup/restore functionally with ST.

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Apparently they skipped .12 & went to .13

Opened up my Hub and there was the leaking batteries. Wasn’t that bad. I got a wire brush, cleaned off the connectors, disposed the batteries and put in 4 new Duracells.

I am guessing that I don’t have to worry about the batteries leaking anymore?..

Worry, but hope they don’t…I’ll wait a few months for any further reports. Hub is on a UPS but redundant backups are nice…

Hmm…maybe I’ll just take them out. Been looking at getting an UPS. Seems like now is the ideal time.


Pi3, router, 8-port switch, alarm panel, DVR.

What do you suggest?

When is this to rollout. I noticed my hub is still at 16.09 and not 16.13.

Happening now. Just wait a little.

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DVR power draw? Assuming 100w or so, with those other devices you could get 4-6 hours out of a 1000va unit. a 1500va unit might get you 8-10, there are calcs online that you can plug draw of each device into and they’ll help you out.

Big thing to remember is the cost to replace in 3-5 years, a bigger unit isn’t always better, batteries are the most expensive part of a UPS. A couple smaller units spread around your gear can cost less for similar run time than a single bigger unit. And don’t buy Cyberpower. Eaton and APC generally are built the best.

Not sure how you are calculating those run-times, my (brand new) 1300VA APC says on the display that the load is 42W and expected run time is 90 min. I wish it was 8-10 hours!

Edit: 1300VA, not 1500…

My Cyberpowers’ (two of them) have been fine… just sayin’.


I just need something that in case I cut the power or it goes off for no more than 30 minutes.

Looks like this one will do the trick. What about heat? Do these things put out alot of heat and or consume alot of energy?

APC BR1300G Back-UPS Pro 1300 VA 10-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) -

They put out almost no heat. Some have fans to dissipate the little they produce when charging though.

And @tgauchat that’s like the Takata airbags, it just takes one thing going wrong…

I like this guys teardowns:

I work with Alpha and Eaton, industrial sized UPS’, and I can tell you, even the APC consumer models are built like crap these days.

I’ve disassembled a number of CyberPower and APC units over the years, usually due to exploded batteries, which means destructive tear downs anyway, and I’ve seen a number of pinched cabled in both, only the CyberPower have I ever seen actual bare wire. That’s scary, and if I saw it once, let alone the couple times I have, then do the odds on how often that happens in the real world! Scares me more than an exploding Note!

Oh, to your recommendation, I’d take this over that any day, if it fits your runtime requirements, seriously go compute those on APC’s site or something:

They have a 1500va version as well.

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Ridiculously random guess actually. You have to compute that stuff or you’ll just get shocked at the short runtime. :slight_smile:


Now back to Product Changes for 2017!

"USB Ports

To set the groundwork for future expansion, Hub v2 includes two USB ports."…Okay, now that its officially the future, any word on this?

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Ugh I know. But the base of mine is basically melted on the inside and the contacts are all corroded to hell.

That’s a mess. But honestly, if you’re not going to use the batteries (and there’s not much reason to) why put yourself through the hassle of replacing the hub?


Just a heads up you might want to check all of your Smartthings products batteries. I decided to start doing that and here is the inside of the first device I checked.

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