Hub Firmware Release Notes - 16.13 - V2

Can’t say it helped or made it worse, but now my Z-Wave Repair is failing for a LOT of devices. I had pointed out this issue with the previous firmware update which was rendering communication with beaming devices useless leaving them in a inactive state. Now it appears to be impacting active devices.

2017-01-30 9:33:12.365 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwStatus ready Z-Wave network repair finished
2017-01-30 9:33:12.342 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair finished Z-Wave network repair finished
2017-01-30 9:32:16.483 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair failure Network repair for Entertainment Center [35]: Failed to update mesh info
2017-01-30 9:31:52.638 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair failure Network repair for Garage Door BMW [0C]: Failed to update mesh info
2017-01-30 9:31:37.522 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair failure Network repair for Breakfast Light [06]: Failed to update mesh info
2017-01-30 9:31:22.334 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair failure Network repair for Attic Fan [03]: Failed to update mesh info
2017-01-30 9:31:21.470 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwNwkRepair started Z-Wave network repair started
2017-01-30 9:31:21.444 PM EST
moments ago HUB zwStatus network repair Z-Wave network repair started

Needless to say some of these device have stopped working :angry:
I detest updates…


Can anyone provide the target (latest) firmware version for Osram Lightify Strips once this process is successful?

Target Version: 0x01020492

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IDE reboot left my hub offline. After being stuck offline for about 10 minutes, a power reboot restored connectivity. Man my batteries are gross and sticky, replaced but the battery compartment is a mess. Newer firmware now shows and firmware updates mostly complete. Glad I didn’t reboot while away from home.

Thus begins the hunt for which devices have fallen offline (usually happens after hub power cycle).

I’m also curious if any of the Osram firmware updates include fixes for the buffer overrun bug that can cause them to lose or,corrupt messaging. Know the issue has been acknowledged.

Hi @Mike_Maxwell. This particular issue affected some non-TLS LAN devices using a non-HTTP protocol; we are not aware of any published DTHs that would run into this particular issue, but we did identify a few custom DTHs that were causing hub crashes due to this bug. This particular bug was introduced with the changes to support more frequent local polling of the hue bridge.


After I saw your reply, I checked my hub and there was SOOO much battery leakage that it was actually visible on the bottom of my hub without even taking the cover off. In fact, it leaked all over my old wooden table that it was on, and the hub itself was terrible looking when I opened the bottom lid. It took me almost 30 minutes to scrub the inside of the battery compartment to make it look like there wasn’t a batterly explosion inside the hub! Pathetic that this happened and I have actually never seen a leakage this bad from ANY product that didn’t have batteries in it that weren’t several years old. If my hub breaks, I will know who to blame for this. Hmmmm , SmartThings may owe a few people more than a few batteries I would guess…

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What does this mean…

(HUE) This is only for hue bulbs connected directly to the hub.


Some people connect Hue bulbs directly to the ST Hub rather than through the Philips bridge.

still waiting for the new update…

Appears to have fixed the dth I was having issues with…

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Still waiting here as well… not updated…

Do as others have suggested and reboot your hub from the IDE… I just did, and now, I’m updated.


I had to issue a reboot from the IDE as well. Once I did this it came back up with the newer firmware and was able to update the firmware on my Osram Gardenspot minis as well!

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Thank you that worked!

Hi, can you let me know what you used to scrub the compartment? I have read that white vinegar on a Q Tip will dissolve the corrosion. Others seem to suggest that a nail file works well – at least on the contacts… Thanks!

I first used an old toothbrush, but that didn’t get the real hard stuff, so I used a smaller cheap wire brush that I got from Harbor freight a long time ago, and that did it! Hope that helps…

what is the firmware on those Gardenspot minis? They are the only Osram I have now that seem like they don’t know they can update in the IDE. My other ones updated fine. my gardenspots show:

Current Version: 0x01020205
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2016-10-14 5:18 PM EDT - Check Now

even though I’ve clicked check now a few times.

Three Hue related questions:

  1. Will the Hue OTA updates include all Hue products? Specifically for me, the Hue Bloom.
  2. You note that “This is only for hue bulbs connected directly to the hub”. My bloom is directly connected (no Hue bridge in between). One of the disadvantages apparently is that we can’t later unpair the Bloom from the ST hub and re-pair it to a Hue bridge later. Will this update (or any planned future update) address this issue?
  3. Will you officially support direct connection of Hue products to the ST hub? As I understand it now there is no official DTH. I am using a custom “Zigbee RGBA bulb” handler that isn’t Hue specific and I don’t believe there is an official DTH for Hue yet.
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