Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.30.5

:man_facepalming: It ended up being a USB 3.0 hard drive that I turned on that day for a back up. Thanks for posting that.


Good to hear, that you fixed the issue. You can see, that not always the firmware update is the problem.


Agreed, just coincidental. :laughing:

@Tom_von_Trott1. just curious, could this apply in your case?

Excuse the ignorance, but how did the USB drive affect the connectivity of your smartthings devices? Ta

I honestly don’t know the technical details, but this has happened more than you’d think. I’d imagine the device is emitting some sort of frequency that’s impacting things. I wouldn’t be surprised if @JDRoberts knows!




i continue to have problems with zigbee devices dropping off.

also, the android app is saying “retry” on the detailed device listing.

I had similar with a faulty PC PSU a few years ago. Drove me crazy for weeks until I figured it out.

Things are still wacky. for example i have a smart plug in the kitchen that controls a string of lights. I have a smart button to control that smart plug. the green light on the button blinks every couple of minutes. i unplugged the smart plug and then manually togged the plug to turn the string lights on and then off. on the app it shows the lights turned on and then off. then i was able to turn the plug on and off with the button. but that only worked for a couple of minutes.

the same thing happened back in february and i did a hard reset of the hub and re-added all devices which took over 2 weeks, adding a couple of devices a day.

Just did a test and it is failing. I unpaired one of the smartsense outlets (oval/blue light) that is showing offline. I tried to repair it by holding down the side button and plugging back in, releasing the button as soon as the blue light comes on. so, it acts like it pairs as the blue light blinks 4 times and stops, but on the app it is still waiting. i even exited the pairing (waiting) and went back into pairing as sometimes things pair that way, but nope not working.

zigbee door/window and motion sensors are working for the most part. most bosch motion sensors are offline. so the zibgee radio appears to be working.

@Awestun You might want to read this topic as well.

So i took a look at the zigbee routing for the smartsense outlets. both online and offline outlets were directly routing with the hub as they are about 5 feet from the hub.

i did notice that all of the offline bosch motion sensors were in trouble as they were routed thru the smartsense outlet that earlier i unpaired and couldn’t get to repair.

so, i pulled the power cord from the hub and will keep it unplugged for 30 mins to force a zigbee mesh reset.

if i unplut a smart outlet for 30 mins that would cause it to lose it’s zigbee mesh routing, right? (also, would take down any other zigbee device routing thru the unplugged zigbee device, right?)

No. Most mesh network protocols, including zigbee and Z wave, very deliberately do not remove mesh network from an end device just because it goes off power. This allows you to remove them for maintenance.

Instead, as explained in the FAQ, you want to take the coordinator (in this case the smartthings hub) off power for about 20 minutes, but leave all of your other Zigbee devices on power. This will then cause the other devices to go into “panic mode“ because they cannot reach the coordinator. Then when the coordinator comes back online, everybody will rebuild their neighbor tables.

If you have taken any other devices off power at the same time, they will not be included in the new routes that are rebuilt.

It should probably be mentioned, if this is a V2 hub you need to pull the batteries out of the hub too.

Hi @tpmanley and @posborne, something interesting popped up since yesterday that I thought I’d share. Last night we had an Internet outage for a couple hours (thank you unplanned road construction…), and as expected I had tons of Zigbee devices show HUB_DISCONNECTED. An hour later they we all back, except one device.

I’ve used up all my bag of tricks to get this back to being online, but I’ve had no luck. Rebooting (multiple ways), removing the device and rejoining, and swapping device handlers hasn’t helped either. The device works perfectly fine in both the Classic and new app, as well as in all my SmartApps, Automations, and Scenes.

Anything else you can think of I should try?

I would try contacting support, but I’m not up to resetting my hub and re-adding a few hundred devices, which has been their go-to response lately…


Did another reboot (5th one), and now that one device says ONLINE, but now I have 5 new ones with HUB_DISCONNECTED… Yikes! Three are presence fobs in our cars, and 2 are Keen vents.


so again, if i get an outlet online and manually toggle it on/off and then use the app to toggle on/off a few minutes later it stops working.

i tried to join/pair a new zigbee device and that did not work just like i cannot get one of the smartsense outlets that a removed earlier, to rejoin again.

i see on the app under ‘recently’ for one of the outlets that shows it is only that the hub is trying to send a signal to it to turn on, but nothing is happening.

this same thing happened last february after an update and i had to hard reset the hub and delete everything in the ide.

this is one of the original 2015 hubs (no dog ears where the batteries go) so it is several years old.

Any change you’re hitting the 32 direct connected zigbee device limit without that outlet connected to repeat?

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That’s possibly, will check