Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(Jason) #389

@johnconstantelo I am a little embarrassed to admit, but the 4 zigbee sensors were falling off due to a bad repeater, that has been replaced and all is working now. I am still having the issue with my 2 zwave locks going offline, but that has seem to settle down a lot. I placed a zwave repeater that does beaming between my 2 locks and that seems to have helped some. Funny part is, this has probably been happening for a long time as I only turned on device health after the update.


Hey, no worries at all!

Sometimes it takes a lot of diagnosing/debugging to figure out something like replacing a failing device is all it takes.

At this point I wish someone, anyone, from ST would at least communicate anything about what went on shortly after the firmware release and what’s happened since.

(Jimmy) #391

i’m guessing most of the engineers that are usually on here are prepping for SDC on Wednesday.

(Paul) #392

And that they haven’t bothered replying or fixing because they will be announcing that classic Smartthings is dead. There just has to be a big announcement given how long they’ve been dragging out this transition.


Hmmm, good point, but still…

We’ll see. I’m curious what announcements come out of SDC.


This is a totally random thought…

For those having problems with zigbee devices, check the insecure re-join setting.

And if you are using both apps on the same account, check it in both apps.

(oscahie) #395

In a last attempt to not throw away the ST motion sensors, which after the last firmware update are eating up the batteries at a pace of 1 each 2-3 weeks, I’ve designed a 3D printed case for them that is pretty much the same size of the original, but accommodates 2 x AAA batteries connected in series instead. That should provide roughly 3-4x the capacity of the 2450 cells (typically 500 mAh), at probably 1/5 or less of the price. I’ll see how it works out… so far the sensor is up and running.

I’ll share the design in thingieverse in a few days, after some further refinement, for those of you interested.

(DavidK) #396

Should it be on or off?

Where is the option in the new app? I cannot find it.

(jkp) #397

Go to the Devices tab, click on your Hub.

(Jonathan Musto) #398

Update on my issues.

My entire Zigbee network went to sh!t and I lost 90% of devices (Xiaomi Sensors, ST Sensor, Tradfri Bulbs), and the remaining 10% said they were connected did not respond. I tried deleting the devices and re-adding them, but Smartthings could no longer find them and refused to add anything.

So, I bit the bullit and did a factory reset of the hub. Such a painful process, but I’m now able to add all my devices again, and, after 12h or so they are remaining connected. I’m not setting up all my automations again, yet, until i’m satisfied everything is ok.

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the fact that ST can essentially deploy an update that will brick my entire HA system, that fear has now been realised. If anything, it’s probably the kick up the arse I needed to take more control, so i’ve order the necessary hardware in order to setup zigbee2mqtt. I have use Home Assistant before and i’m techy enough to setup a dockerized environment for it. So, when it all arrived from China and is all setup, i’ll be binning (eBaying) ST for good.

(Jonathan Musto) #399

Devices are already starting to drop off my network again, I already lost some Tradfri lights and Xiaomi Sensors.

Man they really cocked this up!

(Jason) #400

check to see if you have a bad repeater, that was my issue.

(John C) #401

Alas, I spoke too soon. One of my battery operated motion/temperature devices fell off the network again.

We’ll see if it comes back again on its own.

(Steve White) #402

I think something happened with the cloud (na04) last night. I woke up this morning to most Z-Wave devices being offline and uncontrollable this morning. I also noted several LAN devices that use polling show a last poll time of 2:04am EST after which they went offline too.

The fix was to reboot the hub and run a Z-Wave repair. After the repair completed everything was back online and functional.

(jkp) #403

Did you check the status page? There was an issue earlier today


Seems like things have become worse since I left ST. I have a co-worker that has woke up on two different occasions to all his devices missing from the hub for no apparent reason and he needed to re-pair everything. All these issues just make me much happier since switching to Hubitat, I have not encountered any of the issues I did on ST and the staff is very responsive.

(might be my fake name?) #405

I had a Smartthings 2017 zigbee outlet go unresponsive this morning. That was the first time ever had a mains powered device go on responsive.

(Migs2482) #406

I was having the same issue. Switched over 2 hubitat and couldn’t be happier.

(Steve White) #407

I see they updated the status page. This was 7am when I noticed this. Nothing had been reported at that time, and there were no posts here either. Glad it wasn’t my system. Just about done migrating to a v3 hub and was really concerned.

(Jimmy) #408

Your coworker should have contacted support. Sounds like he has duplicate locations and jsut had to switch the location in the app. Pretty common issue.