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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(Kevin) #249

The usual for me… the multimeter is dead. Also that sensor being on a ceiling is the big problem but was the only place i could put it. I do plan to check it this time. I actually do bet its drained…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #250

man I’m really hoping it isn’t cause if it is, ST made a huge fubar in the dth.

(Hal) #251

I’m just getting started with ST and wondering if I should change now before spending hours fighting issues.

What hub did you change to?

(Kevin) #252

Well crap… my meter’s fuse is blown and I know I dont have a replacement. At this point I need to buy a new meter anyway cause this freebie is crap. For like 50 bucks you can get something nicer…or find a crackhead selling a fluke 77 ;). But I did find the 2 other 2450 cells in the trash here that I replaced last week so will be interesting to measure them too


Yup. 2 devices so far. Here’s one of them:

This is from my post above, but prior to the firmware rollout the battery level was very high because I just replaced it last month or so.


Pulled the battery - it’s dead.


Replaced the battery just now, so let’s see how long it lasts:


(Brock) #254

I replaced the battery on one of my motion sensors after it kept sensing motion erroneously all night turning my bathroom light on. It’s reporting battery life now, which is quickly going down from 100%, but not sensing motion. Centralite 3325-S at 0x1F075310 firmware. Tried all the normal tricks to get it working again but it wont sense motion. Now I’m afraid to replace the batteries on the other motion sensors that are reporting low battery but still working just fine.

(DavidK) #255


My motion have same firmware as yours but model is 3305-s.

I have had no problems with them and batteries have been fine for months.

(DavidK) #256

I have 88 devices, between zwave and zigbee/

Was on beta and now this firmware and have only a few minor issues.

Things are running fine.

(DavidK) #257

Were your motion sensors just updated with firmware? mine were last updated June of 2017. Not with this most recent hub firmware update.

(Kevin) #258

Welp once again ST/Samsung email support knocks it out of the park. Just got this back.

Thanks for reaching out to SmartThings support. I am sorry to hear that you are encountering batteries issues. We are presently unaware of any batteries issues, but to be honest our battery reporting in general is fairly poor. You may have just encounter a bad or defective battery with some dead cells in this particular case, but normally SmartThings reports battery percentages in increments. So if you installed a new battery in a heavily used device, the device will show 100% to start and then drop to 90% short after. Once the battery check back in when it is below 90%, you will then see the battery percent level displayed at 80%. This process continues with this cycle until the battery dies. However in some cases, users can see a device go from 90% to 70% because the last check ins with the Hub were at 90% and then 79%.

If you do continue to experience battery problems with your devices going forward, please let us know the name of your devices and we will continue to investigate this issue with you.

Kind Regards,

(Chris) #259

Hubitat. Received the hub this afternoon and started migrating devices.


And this is why i didn’t waste my time in contacting support for help, but appreciate i should probably do so in case that one more voice actually makes them investigate the issues with the firmware release.

I also have a Smartthings motion sensor that went to 1% batter after the firmware update. I gave it new battery and have since had:

[2018-10-13 11:48:08.421 AM BST *6 days ago* ] DEVICE battery 100
[2018-10-13 5:55:41.697 PM BST  *6 days ago* ] DEVICE battery 67
[2018-10-17 12:51:36.350 PM BST *2 days ago* ] DEVICE battery 33

The Firmware for this motion sensor is 0x1F075310, last updated with the hub firmware release last week (2018-10-12 12:26 AM BST) The manufacturer/model (from the IDE) is:

  • manufacturer: CentraLite
  • model: 3325-S

I have two others (newer) that have

  • manufacturer: SmartThings
  • model: motionv4
  • Firmware Version: 0x0000001B

And neither are exhibiting any issues. The firmware for these versions were not updated last week.

My Xiaomi devices continue to fall off the network and I have to rejoin them, and a couple of Osram Lightify bulbs show as unavailable (when Device Health is on) and although they are controllable from the Smartthings app (Classic) and from automations (Smart Lighting/Webcore) their status is not reflected back in the Smartthings app. I re-add them and they show as unavailable a day or so later.

Samsung have buggered something up with this release.

(JIm) #261

I contacted support regarding my issues with automations not running correctly. I also mentioned that devices were showing disconnected in the new app when showing connected and working in the old app. Got a somewhat puzzling answer.

They said they looked at my account and all devices were online and ok. They said they synchronized my locations between the 2 apps so all the device states should show correctly in both apps. Not sure what they mean by synchronized my locations.

They also said, which has been said many times, that the new app doesn’t support custom smartapps and I should continue to use the old app. That is what I am doing. So somewhat puzzled as to why the new app would have anything to do with running custom smartapps. I can understand I might not be able to configure them in the new app. But it is my understanding that custom smartapps run in the cloud. The only thing the app is for is to configure them. So why would the new app have anything to do with the smartapp not running correctly. If the app is responsible for running custom smartapps then what happens when my phone is offline for some reason. And that happens more often than I like due to where we live.

But to be safe, I totally uninstalled the new app from my phone. So will see what happens.

I am not knocking support, I appreciate their response. Just don’t quite understand the answers.


90% of first level support responses from 90% of companies are pieces of text botched together from pre-defined on scripts. You typically have to get past those gate-keepers before anyone will spend the time to fully read and understand your question, nevermind attempt to resolve it.

But, I’d really expect no more with a £100 device.


Probably worth adding this link:

(Kevin) #264

Ok cheap meter bought, until I can find a deal on a Fluke somewhere. The 2 2450 cell’s I replaced last week that I found in the trash here… One of them reads 2.85v and the other is 2.95v. So that 2.85 sure might be ‘low’ but thats right at 5% ‘low’. Not got up on the ladder to pull that other battery yet, but its been flip flopping from 33% to 1% every 8 - 12 hours I guess.

“unaware of any batteries issues” sure…because no one reports them, and those that do just come into this forum to complain. Almost every zigbee sensor I have has all the sudden decided that it is 33% or less battery over the last week. I go from easily 90% good healthy no complaints crap always works, to again battling with the system. JD always talks about MFOP, seriously until this latest firmware ive been months if not half a year without much issue. 2 bulbs in 6 months needing just to be power cycled, and of course battery here or there but honestly thats like 1 or 2, now this update I’ve replaced or need to replace like 6-8 in the scope of a week…I dont think so… Oh well.

(J.R.) #265

Mine will be here tomorrow.

(Mike) #266

I have quite a few strange goings ons here since the last FW update. I have a broad mixture of ZB and ZW devices. My ZW’s have been solid but I’ve had to delete and re add my ZB devices at least once (except bulbs), some multiple times. They just stop working, ST says unavailable. Door contacts for example will show open/close but still be unavailable and will not trip events I have set. Then for a day or 2 all will be swell. no problems, no unavailables etc and day 3 or 4 boom, starts all over. Anyone having similar issues? All was fine and dandy until the recent FW 0.24.

Additionally, I have about 7x Cree bulbs on my ZB network. they have not dropped out but random times they will turn on and quickly back off out of no where. no events triggered, nothing just on and off in the same second. May happen once or twice a night, not at all or every 15 mins a night. This also only since the recent FW update. Otherwise they all are working accordingly. Thanks for any info you can provide.

(JIm) #267

Removing the new Connect app didn’t help. This morning Smartapp automations aren’t working again. But I still have total control over my devices from the Classic app.


Please email ST support right away, even if they take forever to reply and give a BS answer. They need to know this latest FW release is buggy and causing problems.