Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(JIm) #269

Already notified support again.

Just noticed that one of the automations that didn’t run this morning was in Smart Lighting. You would think that ST’s own smartapps should run.

(JIm) #270

In my ongoing back and forth with ST support, I have learned you have to be very explicit to get a good answer.

I was told this time that Virtual Switches are not really supported and may not work correctly all the time. SAY WHAT???

(DavidK) #271


Are the automations in question running locally or in the cloud?

Do both local automations and cloud automations fail?

Just one or the other?

Have you run the zwave repair at least 3 times in a row with the last run generating no errors?

So in the logs, the last run shows the “zwave repair started” and then no lines of errors and then finally “zwave repair finished”

Have you rebooted the hub?

For which devices is automation failing? All devices or just some?

Zigbee or Zwave?

Locally running devices or only cloud based devices?

Have you verified your time zone is correct in SmartThings?

(JIm) #272

It is custom Smartapps that aren’t running correctly, so that would be in the cloud. Also one of my automations in Smart Lighting is acting up. I would think that would be local.

I am not really having any issues with devices so not sure what good a zwave repair would do. The only device I had an issue with was a virtual switch, which is not zwave.

Several times.

Any device which might be controlled by the smartapp or automation. When it malfunctions, nothing that was to be controlled happens. So it is all kinds of devices. One thing that is particularly annoying is the mode doesn’t change like it should.

Yes. I have only one automation that runs on time and so far it has always worked fine.

All my other automations have worked pretty much flawlessly for several months. I haven’t changed anything. But over the past week or so it has been very intermittent. I’m just gonna have to wait and hope ST gets it figured out.

(DavidK) #273

Earlier you said some devices showed disconnected. Is this still an issue?

(JIm) #274

All the disconnect issues were in the new app. I uninstalled that app to make sure it wasn’t causing my other issues. It wasn’t.

(Steven Weathers) #275

I have to say as a software engineer I’m very disappointed that SmartThings would release such a buggy firmware update. I’ve literally lost control over all my z-wave devices (but my Z-Wave Plus devices work fine). So far support has provided a generic list of things to try and none of them worked. Why can’t they just admit the firmware had issues and re-release the previous version until the major flaws are fixed.

(Patrick ) #276

Alarm didn’t disarm at sunrise, like it has for the last year or so, blaring siren went off Saturday morning; wife wasn’t amused.

(Steve Jackson) #277

Been there, done that!


Update on the Cree Connected bulb flashing issue that I reported to Support:

Thank you for contacting SmartThings, and for providing your screen shots. I’m sorry that you’re encountering issues with your Cree bulbs flashing momentarily at random intervals, and for the delay in replying to your request for support, but I would be happy to help.

We are currently investigating an issue regarding ZigBee bulbs exhibiting this behavior. I am linking our correspondence to the tracking of this issue. We will reach out should we need additional information, or as updates become available.

Your patience is tremendously appreciated!

Kind regards,

Michelle B

Technical Support Agent

Random on off Cree bulbs (October/November 2018)
(Davin K Dameron) #279

It’s interesting they said “Zigbee bulbs” as my Sylvania/Osram ones haven’t been exhibiting this behavior. I hope they get it all worked out for you.


Yes, I noted that comment too.

I hope it’s fixed soon. My office desk lamp is auditioning for a part in Poltergeist I think.

(Robert cunningham) #281

Same as that. New battery down to 1% in 4 days. Never before. On two Samsung motion sensors.

(Robert cunningham) #282

Same as that mate

(Barton.) #283

I contacted Cree, since I assume the firmware update is from them. They’re sending me 10 new bulbs at no cost. I wonder if I should assume the new bulbs are firmware ready and won’t have the same trouble.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We’ve had a lot of customers with the same complaint, that the latest firmware causes the bulbs to fail. We can try replacing the bulbs and see if that fixes the problem. Just respond to this email with the color temperature - Soft White or Daylight and the quantity that failed.

Please feel free to contact us by replying to this message or call us at 1-866-924-3645, option 1, if we may be of any further assistance.

UPDATE from Cree below regarding the new bulbs they’re sending me.

These should be fine. For some reason, the bulbs don’t work with the new firmware if they’ve worked on the previous update.

(Chris) #284

I finished migrating devices yesterday and finished moving my automations today. No longer using ST for anything other than 2 cloud integrations. Hopefully will be able to move those over soon too.

(Brock) #285

Looks like mine just started working about 8 hours ago. Didn’t notice it until tonight as I was literally taking a new Iris motion sensor out of the box to replace it. Firmware has not changed since the one that seemed to break it recently (10/12?). I did remove it and add it multiple times over the last week to no avail. The new battery I installed last week went from 100% down to 67% quickly, which is what it reads now.


Wow I just saw the same thing on 2 of my Samsung motion sensors, one of the older centralites(the great ones) and 1 of the junk ones (motionv4) that you have to be 3 feet in front of for it to work

(J.R.) #287

On the same path as you. I have some other tougher integrations to move…but all but 2 of my wireless devices are moved.

(Gonzalo Parra) #288

I am now really considering Hubitat too but apart from a couple little things the mayor issue for me is the lack of Google Home/Assistant integration as my family uses it a lot… I understand it is already mostly done but Google is taking its sweet time approving it, no one knows when/if they’ll do it…

I think I’m gonna buy it and start playing with it…