Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(JIm) #229

I think the thing that bugs me the worse here is the lack of response from ST. It would be nice to see at least an acknowlegement that something might be wrong.

My system had been working great for months. Now I struggle with automations working partly or not at all. Devices not responding, etc. I can see and control devices in the classic app, but they show disconnected in the new app. So any automations in the new app won’t work.

It’s been a week, almost, since the firmware upgrade and no sign of ST folks.

(Brian Roll) #230

Being in the IT field for some 30 plus years I just don’t understand how with each release stability and performance issues always crop up. Is there no source control, product testing. If this was any sort of banking or financial software, regulators would have put you out of business. Every update seems to introduce new issues, break existing devices and degrade stability of the platform.

I also have to agree the responsiveness of support is sub par. We will never reach the stage where anything of critical nature can use this type tech as long as these factors persist.

(Bob) #231

The lack of any acknowledgement by ST that there are issues is almost deafening. Has anyone who has posted on this thread raised a ticket with ST? If so what has the response been.


I’ve not bothered - i know i’ll be told to reboot then remove/re-add, which will fix things. For a short period of time. Rinse and repeat and few times and then be told they’re not supported devices.


I opened one online and received zero response. I have been in IT for 30+ years and own a consulting company. As mentioned the lack of response from ST is deplorable. I was about to announce this as a “value added service” to our clients, but instead I will be replacing my t hub with something reliable. It is a shame, I do like the flexibility, but not if it mean unreliability as well.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #234

Ok, I have to ask… to everyone that is having problems… are your automations working? or are these things that you are seeing in the app?

I’m curious if the devices are working in real world. I’m not having any of these issues, not to say they do not exist, trust me I’ve been with ST for over 3 years and they are very reliable for not being reliable.


Some of my devices are responding to commands from the app/webCoRE. Others, mostly the Zigbee sensors are truly offline when they say unavailable - ie they are not registering motion, contact, etc or triggering automations that they should.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #236

Damn, I was hoping it was just a software issue with the app… I agree though that their last update fubar’d something pretty good.

Have you done a zigbee rebuild where you unplug the hub (no batteries) for at least 20 minutes?

That has always helped me out in the past. It is said that it can take several days for things to get rebuilt in the zigbee mesh, but I normally see immediate changes.


I have, yes. Then subsequent to that I tried reseting some sensors - they eventually fell offline again. Then I reset the Crees and sensors again - same issue. Suggestion from John above was to remove the Crees then reset/rebuild mesh without them then add back the Crees (this assumes the Crees with their updated FW are contributing to the issues but I’m not convinced now that’s the issue as others are having sensor issues and don’t mention Crees).

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #238

Now that you mention the Crees it brought something back to memory… about a year and half ago I was having a ton of Zigbee issue in the house. They were all in groups of devices that were close together, like a corner bathroom upstairs from the hub. I had thought that the Philips Hue bulbs acted as repeaters in the mesh… I’ve heard they do and that they don’t, not sure which is right or if it is a little bit of both. Either way, I bought a bunch of the Iris zigbee plug in modules with the zwave repeater onboard. I placed those evenly around my house and I rebuilt my mesh. I’ve not had any problems with zigbee since then.

I do know they make a huge difference though. I was moving all of my devices back to ST and was having a ton of trouble with my iris contact sensors being properly added to the hub. I fought with about 1- to 15 of them and then suddenly remembered that I had not put my repeaters in place first. Once I plugged those back in everything was fine.

Just my 2cents and I know you’ve been through all of this stuff before… and the ever present fact that every system is inherently different… but I want to help. But the simple fact is that even as different as our systems and their environments are, they are all built on the foundation of the mesh.


Much appreciate your input Jason.

I agree with you that having solid repeaters is a must. And prior to this FW update I was good.
ST actually advised me that my Crees are repeating (although it is known that they are not strong repeaters) and told me to power them off for a while then power them on. That was one of my earlier tests and the sensors did come back for while (some without even having to take the batteries out) then they dropped again later. This gives anecdotal evidence that the Crees are now having new issues repeating (and of course they just got a FW update following the hub FW update thus my suspicion that may have hurt something - my Crees are also flashing at random!).

Interestingly, I have two other Iris sensors that are right by a Zigbee Peanut Plug. They too are having problems staying online although I don’t know if they are repeating through the Peanut.

Bottom line is I’ll need to try rebuilding the mesh without the Crees first to see if things hold stable. Then I’ll bring the Crees online. The problem is I have lots of sensors so this is going to take some time (and some need a ladder to reach, lol). Thankfully, resetting and re including Zigbee devices is not as hairy as Z-Wave.

(J.R.) #240

For the first time ever I have started seeing some of these same problems. Devices that have literally just disappeared. I’ve never had anything like this happen. Reliability over the last almost week has been terrible! Hoping there is a fix on the way.

(JIm) #241

I don’t seem to have any issues with devices as long as I use the classic app. They all respond to commands from the app, from Echo, From ActionTiles. In the Connect app a lot of them show disconnected. And which ones show disconnected vs connected change from hour to hour.

Where I have the most problems is with automations. Most of not all of my custom smartapps are very flaky. Work sometimes, mostly don’t. And all of that started after the firmware update last week.


For me the app for the offend switches does not work, it thinks they are on and will only send the “off” command

Echo works, but nags “the device is not connect please check the power supply and network connection” after she turns it off or on, EVERY TIME shut up Alexa!

Siri plays nicely don’t think she cares (homebridge via mini mac)

Action Tiles “works” but it always thinks the offend lights are on. If they are off I need to click them “off” in AT and then back on and they work.

Automatons (Smart Light and Routines) work as they did.

On the support ticket side of things. I received a response a short time ago with the standard message below (I only have issue with switches no bulbs here, and I did have device health on, but turning off did not help)

Tap on Device Health and disable it

If that does not solve the problem, please perform a Z-Wave exclusion and inclusion on the switch. Here is our article on Leviton Switches, which will include instructions on how to add/reset the device.

(Kevin) #243

How many Cree bulbs do you have? I wonder if the old bug is still around. I found when I had > 10 or 12 cree bulbs my zigbee mesh was absolute trash. I’d have bulbs dropping to uncontrollable all the time, and it was never the same bulb. I didnt have as many sensors back then so cant comment on that as I was pretty much all lights no sensors. I will say that I did go and buy like 5 or 6 iris sockets just for the zigbee mesh repeaters and that did not help.

My suggestion is if you have more than 10 or 12 bulbs, delete a few of them down to like 8 if you can. See if things get better. I ended up pairing nearly all my cree’s to my hue bridge instead of st. had hoped this firmware would allow me to move them back since the limit on hue is so low. but so far, doesnt sound like it.

as for my issues so far. Mostly just batteries going to crap in known good sensors for the most part. Not had amny other issues but I try to keep my stuff as stock ST as possible. I dont change dth’s, i dont run webcore, or try to do anything ‘fancy’. Using SmartLighting and SMH so far hasn’t had too much that I can speak of other than the battery issue I think…that ive noticed.

(Jason) #244

This is insane, I have 7 devices unavailable and half of them are zigbee and I have never had a zigbee issue!!!


I remember reading about this issue. I have 8 Crees and never had more. Notably, the bulbs themselves are not dropping and they are responsive. The only visible issue with the Crees is the random flashing since the Cree FW update.


Crap… I almost went 2 days without another offline device, almost.

What a POS…


I’m noticing something has changed (again). My zwave devices were seeing several hours in between status updates with 24.11 vs. the 1 hour with the previous firmware release,. Now, they’re back to around an hour; which coincidentally is when OFFLINE status messages started showing up again.

And now Alexa says it can’t control the device because it thinks it’s really offline, BUT it actually does turn it on…

The saga continues…

@Kianoosh_Karami, what are you guys doing? You guys have been awfully quite the last few days. Something up that we should know about?

(Kevin) #247

So a sensor I changed the battery in the day after this firmware push… is now reporting 1%. Brand new out of the blister pack cr2450. Known good brand of Panasonic, which I have been using for around 2 years now. Sensor is about 15 feet from the hub, can see the hub… and in what, 7 days, its now reporting 1%. I’m opening a ticket but 100% sure they will tell me to change wifi bands on my router, to move my hub, to do a zigbee mesh repair…all this crap. Never mind that sensor lasts easily a year on that battery normally. Its actually my hardest to change sensor requiring a ladder…so its not like I enjoy this.

ST is seriously days away from losing me to hubitat just because Im tired of this crap. I am no jobless so the process of moving crap over wouldnt be that big of a deal at this point. But I am tired of every other ‘update’ going to pot so fast…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #248

Do you honestly believe that battery is dead? I’d check it with a meter first.