Hub Firmware Beta Group, get ready to migrate!

I did not, but I also did not for the Jasco switches. I remember converting them one at a time and didn’t delete the custom DTH until they were all converted.

Hi @Skates

These fingerprints, that I see, are still inactive in the production driver

#   - id: "Inovelli/Dimmer/Power/Energy"
#     deviceLabel: Inovelli Dimmer Switch
#     manufacturerId: 0x031E
#     productType: 0x0001
#     productId: 0x0001
#     deviceProfileName: inovelli-dimmer-power-energy

You are right, I was looking in the main channel and not the Production channel as the Migration file is in the main channel.

I assumed the Main channel was being used when the Migration was released. I guess I was wrong?

I think the ones in production are the ones that are automatically migrated.
I don’t know if @nayelyz can confirm

Somewhere it was confirmed that the DTH migration was actually using the beta channel. I remember being a bit surprised about this as it could mean a single device being migrated to Edge might enable a driver for dozens of devices.

So, the team mentioned that changing the DTH selected for the device won’t trigger the migration to Edge. Were the Inovelli switches you mentioned using the stock DTH (Z-Wave Switch) or a custom one?

Remember that, if they were using a custom one, they were not considered for auto-migration.
What you can do, now that the Z-Wave driver is installed in your hub is, re-install the devices.

Here’s the comment mentioned by @orangebucket:

The fingerprints in “production” are for the “newly added devices”. If, thanks to the migration, the driver in the beta was installed, new devices will use that driver (when compatible) instead of the default one.

My SmartSense Button didn’t convert to the edge Zigbee button

Hi, @KittKat5!
Was your device using the stock DTH “Zigbee button”?
If you made a copy of it and saved it in your IDE to use it, that makes it a custom DTH.

Yes it is using the stock DHL, I also just noticed I have a zigbee light that’s listed as Zigbee dimmer that didn’t switch but I’m replacing it with a hues bulb soon. I can just reset the button and then add it back in.

Hey @nayelyz @alissa.dornbos ,

I came home from work today and a whole bunch of stuff stopped working, and I noticed that 26 of my 30 motion sensors have been converted to Edge and now they are seen as contact sensors NOT motion sensors!

This is a serious bug and needs fixed ASAP please!

Where’s the bug report on Centercode for this beta?

Hey John. I’m here and listening. Other than device icons being incorrect, what other symptoms are you seeing? If you have additional screen shots or information your willing to share, I’d value it.

We did do a migration today for the following DTHs:

DM2500ZB Sinope Dimmer (Zigbee Switch)
SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor(Zigbee Contact)
SmartSense Motion Sensor (Zigbee Motion Sensor)
Z-Wave Water/Temp/Humidity Sensor (Z-Wave Sensor)
SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor (Zigbee Humidity Sensor)
RGBW Light (Z-Wave Bulb)
Keen Home Smart Vent (Zigbee Vent)
ZigBee Dimmer Power (Zigbee Switch)
Z-Wave Motion/Light Sensor (Zigbee Switch)
ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb (Zigbee Switch)
Zigbee Plugin Motion Sensor (Zigbee Motion Sensor)
Motion Detector (Zigbee Motion Sensor)
eZEX Temp & Humidity Sensor (Zigbee Humidity Sensor)
Fibaro CO Sensor ZW5 (Z-Wave Smoke Alarm)
Zooz Multisiren (Z-Wave Siren)
Z-Wave Mold Detector (Z-Wave Sensor)
Z-Wave Motion/Temp/Light Sensor (Z-Wave Sensor)
Z-Wave Mouse Trap (Z-Wave Mouse Trap)

Thank you for your continued feedback, patience, and perspective.

Oh it’s more than device icons. Motion sensors are contact sensors in the app and ALL automations using those motion sensors are dead.

Most of the sensors are CentraLite 3326-L’s, with a few being 3305’s.

You can search my hub for anything “motion sensor” in the name and see what I mean:

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I’m seeing the same thing as John. SmartSense Motion Sensor:

Hi @alissa.dornbos , any updates?

I am seeing the same thing. They report status of open or closed which does not trigger automations

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FYI @alissa.dornbos @nayelyz @professordave @iridris

So I did find a workaround a few minutes ago.

I’m already subscribed to ST’s Edge channel (beta) to use the illuminance sensor, so I went back to that channel and enrolled their Zigbee Motion Sensor and then changed a couple to use that new driver. That seemed to have worked, so I’m changing one sensor at a time, but so far so good.

How I did this was to:

  • Find your hub in the mobile app
  • Wait for the device list to load and the three dots in the upper right will be available
  • Select Driver
  • A list of all loaded drivers show up. You will notice Zigbee Motion Sensor is missing
  • Scoll down and look in the section “Channels your hub is registered to”
  • Select SmartThings Drivers (Beta), then tap on Available Drivers
  • From the list that pops up, after you authenticate, select Zigbee Motion Sensor and tap on Install
  • Go back into the app and change Driver and the Zigbee Motion Sensor option should now be there

I also noticed when looking at what was already installed, what ST installed yesterday is now also Installed (except they missed Zigbee Motion Sensor).


Can you let us know on the forums when certain groovy drivers are going to be switched to edge? So that we can troubleshoot if needed within a reasonable timeframe?


Is this only happening to people that are on the beta program?

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I believe so - the hub firmware beta. I saw a post from someone saying that.

That would have been very helpful. All I knew from a separate message was that “more is coming”, but not any specifics.

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Hello Eric182,

I will provide your feedback on notice to the team and confirm with you after I have done so.

Yes, this migration of devices are currently only happening with our Hub Beta population audience.

Thank you for your engagement.

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Thank you for your screen shot. I am looking into the root cause right now, and am wondering if you can provide me with your log-in that you use for SmartThings?

Thank you again,

Alissa D.