Hub Firmware Beta 45.7?

Anyone else get v45.7 (unannounced) a few hours ago?

So far I haven’t seen anything odd except a couple zigbee devices go offline, which I’m about to fix. Perhaps this is to fix some bugs in x.6 that people are getting.


Hi @johnconstantelo

I also have 45.7 since 3 hours ago

I have not disconnected any device that should be online

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Just checked and I also have 45.7

Maybe @cbaumler knows

Tagging @andresg as well.

I’ll post an update to the description on the 45.6 topic in a little bit here.


Everything seems to be still working, other than a couple ikea buttons/motion sensors I’ve already removed from ST since they became unusable after the zigbee stack upgrade.

The restart of the hub messed up one of my automations again, but that happens every time the hub restarts and likely wont get fixed unless/until the logic of the driver is changed to somehow store it’s “counter” before a reboot and resume it when the hub is running again.

Hi! The team is still investigating the issue mentioned in the other thread, so, this version only contains what Paul mentioned above :slight_smile:

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