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Hub Firmware Beta 24.10

(DavidK) #41


Yes, my logging shows nothing

(Tom Manley) #42

Live Logs will only show messages logged by the DTH. Since the majority of the handling for locally running devices is on the hub it’s normal to not see live logs. The recent event history is visible in graph and if you’re trying to debug something you could temporarily move the device to the cloud by self publishing the DTH and changing the definition in the DTH to runLocally: false.

(DavidK) #43


Hello, why do we need to set run local to false?

I thought anything self published cannot run local.

Also, let’s say for dimmer switch. Is the groovy code that is in the SmartThings GitHub for dimmerswitch exactly the same that runs local in the hub? Or do device types that run local written a different way?

Is groovy code that runs in cloud exactly the same as the code that runs local?

(DavidK) #44


Actually how best to do this?

I want to try and start with dimmer switch and see how events work with it with 2 different brand of dimmers.

Can I add SmartThings as a repository in the IDE?

The same as other 3rd party repositories?

(Tom Manley) #45

That’s correct but the IDE will give you an error if you try to publish it with the value set to true.

You can actually just create a new Device Type Handler and then pick the desired DTH from the From Example tab, for example ZigBee Dimmer

(Joel W) #46

When this all change? When I turned on a switch prior to this it always listed the switch and the action done in Liv Logging.

(DavidK) #47


Okay so all of my iris contact sensors run locally.

None show events in log as you say EXCEPT for one, which is also listed as local.

The one that shows events in logs was one that mysteriously went “unavailable” last morning. I changed battery and re-paired.

But it’s events show in “live logging”

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #48

I’ve actually been seeing that for the past few months… quite frustrating when trying to troubleshoot

(DavidK) #49

Thanks, that worked!

(Tom Manley) #50

The general behavior has always been this way for locally running devices. What DTH is the switch using? It’s possible something changed with that DTH that is resulting in the differences you’re observing.

Events are only displayed if the state changes so that might be why you’re not seeing more entries in the event log. If you’re experiencing problems please do contact support so they can help dig into the details.

(Joel W) #51

The Switch is using “Dimmer Switch” and the Lamp is using “SmartPower Dimming Outlet”

(DavidK) #52

Using your instructions I was able to create a new device type “My DImmer”, and then I added lots of debug statements, and then tested to understand how the dimmer switch is working and what is different with 2 different brands of dimmer switches.


(Tom Manley) #53

The DTHs haven’t been updated since May and June respectively. The SmartPower Dimming Outlet doesn’t have any logging in the commands (see here). The Dimmer Switch DTH does have logging in setLevel (see here) but not in on or off.

(Joel W) #54

Thank you, now have to figure out why the Speaker isn’t doing what it should do via WeBCoRE while the other identical one does in same piston when the switch is turned on.

(Jimmy) #55

anybody else get updated to 24.11 about 25 minutes ago?

(jkp) #56

No, only updated 2 minutes ago :sunglasses:


Just now for me. I wonder what 24.11 fixed from 24.10?

(DavidK) #58


Just trying to understand what is going on.

It seems that the hub polls the dimmers every so often. Is this correct?

It uses the basic report command

Status polling is around 14 minutes, but if dimmer participates in any smart lighting rules, polling can be more frequent. Is this correct?

If there is a smart lighting rule for dimmer and motion sensor then, every time a motion sensor reports to hub that motion has started, the hub polls the dimmer again for status, can be every minute, or whatever the on/off time of the motion sensor is. It polls the dimmer first to see if it is already on, before it sends the on command. If the dimmer is already on, it does not send an on command, Is this correct?

–What happens when someone turns on the dimmer physically?

It seems that the one new ge zwave plus device that I just purchased will send a multi level report on its own when a paddle is pressed. Using the multi-level report command. This is only when the dimmer has fully ramped up or down, and not while the dimmer is fading up or down.

The non-plus ge zwave dimmers also do this. Are they somehow being polled by the hub? Does the hub know through another mechanism that the paddle was pushed so a lower level in the hub sends a multi-level report get command? This I do not see, but I do see the received multi-level report command being received.

Not sure how??


Hmmm, just got 24.11, and 2 devices are offline 1 GE switch and my August lock. GE switch needs a repair, but now all I get is “Err 115: Could not replace device”. That switch has been rock solid for at least 2 years, until just now.

Going to reboot the hub and try again.

EDIT: Rebooting did the trick.

(Joel W) #60

I have three WeMo switches that have worked perfectly now offline and I can’t get them back.