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Hub Firmware Beta 19.17

(Tom Manley) #1

We will shortly be pushing out hub firmware 19.17 to the enrolled beta hubs. The only change is to address BUG-0071 which caused some local automations not to work if there was a very large number of connected devices.

(Jameson) #2

Since I received this update I can not use Alexa to control SmartThings. Anyone else? I unlinked and reminded it in the Alexa app and still no dice.

(Jameson) #3

This has resolved itself, if someone did something to fix it, thank you!

(Tom Manley) #4

I like claiming credit for fixing things but in this case it’s probably thanks to someone on another team at SmartThings or Amazon. I know both sides have been looking into some issues.


I definately like this weeks changes with the fingerprint unlock option each time you enter the app, the scenes, the lock manager telling you how many locks are unlocked if any, and the lock manager obfuscates the lock code so it can’t be seen in the logs when unlocking which was one reason I didn’t feel comfotable using my locka with ST before this update, I moved one of my locks back to ST today and I’m impressed so far.

(Steve White) #6

My hub is crashing at least once a day since the 19.17 update. I will be reaching out to support on this today as well.

Anyone else seeing this?

(Joel W) #7

@tpmanley tpmanleyTom ManleySoftware Engineer at SmartThings
Tom as a Beta tester how do I know if the hub was updated since the version number is the same?

(Steve White) #8

I did not observe this behavior during the beta. I too am curious as to whether there is a different .17 GM release from the beta.

Ticket 448658 opened.

(Tom Manley) #9

The 0.19.17 release that went out to everyone was the same one that the beta hubs were already on.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll touch base with support and help look into this.

(Rudy) #10

All my Xiaomi sensors don’t update in the app now. But I can see them triggering on the hub logs.

Any suggestions.?

Motion and doors


Hi, after the last update it is impossible to pair xiaomi sensors, my last successful pairing was 15.11.2017. I hope somebody will look into this, I have a lot of new xiaomi sensors that needs pairing.
Anybody else have pairing problems ?

(Jimmy) #12

Nope, just paired two Aqara water sensors.

(Steve White) #13

It’s happening several times a day still. If it helps, it’s almost guaranteed to happen when running the Goodnight routine. Support recommendation was to power cycle the hub with the batteries out. That was done and resulted in no change in behavior.


Ok, do you have the us ok uk version ?
I have a uk version with firmware 000.019.00017.
After this firmware update I can’t pair xiaomi sensors, not catchall method, not via app.
The 25-30 that is already paired Is working perfectly.

(Jimmy) #15

US using regular pairing method. Never have used catch all.