Alexa issues

This morning I tried having Alexa run one of my Smartthings automations and it said it couldn’t connect to Smartthings. Anyone else having issues?

Mine is working OK and I haven’t heard about any issues with the integration lately. I’d recommend contacting support to see if they can help sort out what’s going on.


I disabled the connection the re added it. Still wouldn’t work. Then I noticed all of the names of the automations had an ! at the end and one didn’t. The one that didn’t worked and the once’s with it wouldn’t. Removed the ! And it’s all fine again.

I usually Unplug them both and plug them back up and it solves the problem for me

I had an issue before the beta started where automations would not execute. Alexa would say ok but ST did nothing.

All other lights and commands worked.

I rebooted my hub and the issue cleared.