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Hub Firmware Beta 19.13 Release Notes

(Tom Manley) #1

We plan to release 19.13 to the enrolled beta hubs today. These are the changes:

  • Fixed the inability to set level from Alexa
  • Fixed a Z-Wave issue when lots of incoming network traffic could cause the radio to be reset and pending outgoing messages to be dropped

We really appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting from everyone so please keep it coming!

Update: this only applies to hubs that have been enrolled in the Hub Firmware Beta program.


Can you expound on this? I don’t believe I’ve had any issues with that so I’m curious.

(Tom Manley) #3

The problem affected locally running devices connected to hubs running the beta firmware. If you tried to use Alexa to set the level on a locally running device Alexa would indicate it worked but the light wouldn’t change state and the status wouldn’t update in SmartThings. Other commands like on/off and set color/color temperature were not affected.


Okay, thank you. I’m not in the beta so that would explain it.

(Rob) #5

@tpmanley Can you look into why I’m not in the beta yet as well? Since I’m granted access to the beta firmware forum section, I would imagine maybe someone forgot to activate my account on the beta instruction / feedback website? Feel’s like some of us that applied recently for beta access are in limbo here.

(Rob) #6

Well, that was fast! Thanks @tpmanley

(Tom Manley) #7

I can’t claim the credit, I just bugged @slagle :smile:

(Joel W) #8

I haven’t received the update yet still on 18.00022.

(Tom Manley) #9

I haven’t started the release yet but will start rolling it out soon and will update when it’s done.

(Rob) #10

I’m in now on centercode site, but yes, I’m still sitting on firmware 18.22, any chance you @tpmanley or @slagle can tell me when the push to my hub might happen for version 19.X?

(Araposo) #11

still on 18.0 as well

(Mark) #12

FYI I’m not sure the beta category of the forum is restricted. I have a v1 hub and I’m not participating in any beta testing.

(Joel W) #13

The firmware updated a few minutes ago and I tested switches and thermostat, all working nothing broken, which is a good thing. Checked some automations, and they are also responding as they should. I will check the IDE next to check my device list. The major thing will be my LAN devices, which go offline once in awhile.


is bete firmware rolled out. i got an email saying that i was selected, but not yet update. may be i am jumping so soon

(Matthew Stewart) #15

I can confirm I have the new firmware and have came across a few issues with zigbee rgbw controls.

I have screen recordings showing the issue and steps to reproduce but am unable to upload them anywhere.

Issue appears to be with color temp, color temp bar & the color name.

The bug has been raised as BUG-027


(Jimmy) #16

you can attach them as replies to your ticket in centercode

(Bobby) #17

I’ve got the update, but hue bulbs are still listed as “cloud” in ide. Is that expected?


(jkp) #18

Are they listed as LAN HUE XXXX in ide?

(Bobby) #19

Yup, with execution “cloud”. Are yours listed with execution “local”?

(jkp) #20

Yes, mine are showing Local. I am still waiting on 19.13 though

EDIT: 19.13 just arrived. and still local on my hue bulbs