Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

Will we need to re-pair any S2 enables devices in order to take advantage of the benefits?

“Conversion stage” is essentially converting Network data from the old framework to the new framework, we will also query all the devices on the network during this stage to refresh their supported command classes and some other minor info such as wake up capabilities.

Z-Wave map: We are working on getting that info to the user, it is definitely a few months out as there are higher priority tasks on our plate before we can get that to you.


Not yet, The firmware does support S2, however, it is controlled by the mobile app and not until we have completed Certification, we cannot direct the mobile app (only will be supported in new app) enable S2 join flow for the hubs. So hang tight and we will let you know when you can rejoin your S2 devices.


Let’s talk in PM about your particular issue.

Good to know. What happens if devices are in OFFLINE status (per the IDE) at that time. I have another switch that’s been in that status for 13 hours (I’ll do the air gap switch fix in a few hours), so would it skip it and come back later, or would the query pause/stop until all zwave devices are available? I’m assuming this is for mains powered devices?

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Could you outline what this framework does differently from the existing framework and how it’ll help. That will help us figure out how we can also test it better and what to look out for.

BTW, I’m having some trouble getting registered for the BETA program since the eMail on the hub doesn’t match the email on the BETA but it won’t let me update the email on the BETA.

Let’s talk via PM to resolve your issue.

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I got an email saying that, due to incomplete information on my v3 hub, I was not going to take part in this next beta. I completed and updated the data using the link in the email but cannot find that data in Centercode. Either way I am hoping I can be part of the beta.

I just checked in the system, and your information looks correct now. You will definitely be able to participate in the beta. Thanks for helping us out!

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Will the SmartThings/ADT Hub be receiving this release?

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Not currently, they are still a few firmware versions back.

Will this framework support Z-Wave Smart Start in future? Any plans of adding Smart Start capabilities to the hub, now that the new app supports QR Code reading?

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Can you confirm i am in the beta? Was part of previous beta, but didn’t see any email or projects in Centercode

We do plan to support Z-Wave Smart Start in the future. It’s not on our immediate road map, though.

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You are in the beta. You’ll get an email when it starts.

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This thread is the heaviest presence from ST employees I’ve seen in recent months. Great job @cbaumler , @Brad_ST, @Kianoosh_Karami @tpmanley, @posborne


Excellent! Thanks for the confirmation.

Hi, which DTH is it that will execute locally for the IKEA color bulb? Is this a new DTH written by SmartThings or is it a community based one? To my knowledge there is no official DTH for IKEA color bulbs available today., or have I missed something?

Let the fun begin!


I apologize for the confusion. The firmware team has made local DTH changes to support the IKEA color bulb, but there is still a pending pull request to update the zll-rgb-bulb community DTH to support the device and to allow local execution. We’re going to remove this one from the release notes for now with the expectation that support will be added soon.