Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

Are you all working on Things not showing up in the “Things Tab” in the Classic App? This is an ongoing issues that users with a large number of devices are experiencing?

I’ve made some edits to the release notes to hopefully clear up some confusion. Also, we’re beginning the beta test today, but we’re only pushing the firmware to a few beta testers today. We’re doing the roll out a little more slowly than normal, because there are some pending related releases for the cloud services and DTHs in this week that affect this firmware release. We’re hoping to have everyone’s firmware updated by the end of the week.

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Is there some kind of notice going to those that get it?

Yes, there will be a general email that goes out when the beta test starts, and those who receive the new firmware today will be notified via another email.

This would likely involve an update to the Classic app so that could take awhile if it ever does get addressed.

Thank you for the response and honesty. Hopefully, someone will make the decision to devote some time to this issue and address it while the New App is still being developed for mainstream. As it is now, I can not use the New App because of the layout and the amount of devices I have. It takes forever to load and once it does, it’s super awkward to get to the appropriate device.

Glad you all are back to squashing bugs and adding functionality!


Hi. I received an email stating that I was accepted for the beta. However when I login to the site all that is showing is a beta from 5 months ago. I also wasn’t asked any questions. Is there a way to confirm that I’m signed up for the current beta? Thanks

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You’re in the right beta. You’re probably seeing resources that were originally created 5 months ago. To verify you can check the release version and release date on the project’s home page.


Ok. I see it. Thank you.

OK, too bad it won’t make it in this release since I have some issues with color and temperature with the current custom DTH. I guess the zll-rgb-bulb DTH could be added manually in the IDE though without waiting for the next FW release as soon as that pull request is done?

Yes, if you’re using a custom DTH, once the zll-rgb-bulb DTH updates are merged, you should be able to go into the IDE and switch to using that DTH for your device. The device should then start executing locally.

Figures, I just got around to finally resetting and reconnecting most of the ZW devices that last general release update knocked off.

Time to start testing.


This will be either a very long or very short Beta test session for me. Like MWheeler72 I am not finding anything related to this latest round of beta testing on the centercode site. As far as I can tell, I have clicked on every available link on the pages. I don’t see anything “pointing” to “this project’s home page” but I have been told repeatedly by the boss I can’t find anything, even while staring at it. Thanks.

I’ve made some changes to your permissions. Please check again if you don’t mind.

DITTO ! ! ! ! (10 chrs needed)

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Well it’s been almost 24 hours, how’s it look? :grin:

The update went well, and I didn’t even notice any impact when it happened.

So far, there’s been a noticeable improvement in my zwave mesh performance, as well as SmartApp execution. I noticed that almost immediately after the update, and through to right now. So far, so good.

Zigbee has also been just fine, no Cree bulb issues yet, and performance has been really good.

I’ve only had these issues, in order of importance (to me):

  • My August Pro lock could no longer be unlocked/locked via ST, but it would report the state if manually used. I submitted a bug report, and @Kianoosh_Karami is working the issue. I excluded the device, but it would not rejoin. I did get the error “ZWAVE_S0_FAILED” as well as “ZWAVE_S2_FAILED” at one point. I’m waiting to hear back from ST on when I should try rejoining the lock.
  • Zwave devices (GE, GE zwave plus, Aeon, Evolve, etc) will still report offline in the IDE, but can be controlled via SmartApps. When that happens, it goes back to reporting online. Throughout the day I watched (via the IDE) several zwave devices cycle through offline/online status all by themselves, but none got stuck offline. This was my biggest problem with firmware version 24.22 and 24.11. It seems like to me that in 24.x something was introduced that 25.x (and something in between) potentially addressed with the framework changes. I sure hope so.
  • I’ve had just 1 Zigbee device go silent (just now found it), but as soon as I used it (Iris single button), it came back right away.

I’ve noticed the hub event logs provide a little more detail, especially on zigbee rejoins. For example, when I used that Iris button, I saw “Iris Smart Button joined again” in the event log, as well as “Arrival Sensor joined again” when my car came back home a little while ago. I’ve not seen those messages before.

Overall, so far so good. I’m closely and constantly monitoring everything. My biggest concern is getting my lock back up and running in ST. :+1:


All is well in the world! I have access, now just waiting for the update. Thanks!

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Cool. I have an August Pro too, so will be curious to see if I can replicate the issue.