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Hub Firmware 21.x Beta


Just don’t try to add/edit Routines or Smart Lighting rules. Something they are addressing and working on right now :slight_smile:

(Realy Living Dream) #22

I just got the welcome email, but am still on 20.17. After the fun of yesterday, I’m not sure if I was to reboot and see it if updates. :bowing_man:

(Nick Stevens) #23

You are welcome to reboot, but we haven’t released yet so you’ll still be on 20.17 after the reboot :slight_smile:


Once they push it, we won’t have to reboot. :slight_smile: Unless chaos breaks out.

(Realy Living Dream) #25

Enough Chaos yesterday. Come on it was like the dark ages having to lift a finger and use minimote to run goodnight because Alexa and GA weren’t working. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now I’m going to find some wood. Knock knock knock knock knock… Don’t be jinxing it :joy:

(Logan Marshall) #27

Very excited for the new firmware of the par16 outdoor rated osram lightify sylvania smart plus bulb. As this one has the most issues at our home.

Can you guys give more information on this other two bulbs? If their osram and ZLL then their UK not usa right? Are these osram?

CLA 60 and B40 ZLL bulbs - improve reliability

(Nick Stevens) #28

Update is starting to roll out for real now. We’re ramping up slowly in case there are issues, so it may still be a few hours before your particular Hub updates.

(jkp) #29

My hub just updated :slight_smile:


Mine as well.

Device Health is still Off so now we know it’s the Mobile app updates responsible for turning it back on.

(Nick Stevens) #32

All updates have been pushed, everyone signed up for the beta should be up to date now.

Edit: all validated users have had the update pushed. It’s possible, depending on when you signed up, that you may not have been included for this round.

(Realy Living Dream) #33

So the I’ll ass-U-me that the red light on my hub for the past hour would be a failed push?


Someone didn’t knock on wood :slight_smile:

(Realy Living Dream) #35

Reboot ( thank you TP-LINK outlet) and we are on 21.00008

(jkp) #36

The Smart Locks now shows the correct status on the dashboard for me. :slight_smile: bye bye to the Unknown Status!

(Nick Stevens) #37

It means you’re the lucky winner of a heisenbug we’ve been following for a while now :frowning: Do you get stuck at a red LED often? If so, there are some fixes I would like to test on you improve your experience with.

Literally we haven’t been able to debug this one because when the Hub is returned it stops doing it, and it’s usually spurious to begin with.

(Paul Osborne) #38

Ah, Nick and I’s white red whale.

(Realy Living Dream) #39

Rumor as it that since I have 4 Samsung cameras linked to the hub, the cache gets overloaded when installing updates and it " gets stuck". I offered to remove them from hub and just use blue iris fusion. Well that or turn on USB port for additional memory LOL

(Migs) #40

Do you happen to know why I didn’t receive the update this time?

(Jeffrey) #41

No update here also so I will assume next round.