Hub Firmware 21.10 Beta


  • 0.21.10

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Date

  • Tuesday March 20th

Release Notes

  • All Virtual Dimmer Switch events are marked as state changed events so they will trigger automations
  • Fixed small memory leak
  • Fixed issue while sending 10 or more Zigbee messages at the same time

Lost connectivity with Hue Advanced Connect Smartapp. Had to re-add all Hue devices using Smartthings standard device handler

This is not even out yet… Thursday…

@Danielhitch, do you have any more details about your setup or what symptoms you were seeing? I just installed that smartapp and everything seems to be working on the 2 bulbs I have at my desk using a hub on 20.10.

Some specific questions that would be good to answer: What version of hue bridge do you have? When did you first notice there was an issue?

The email that ST sent to me today stated that 21.10 was being pushed today (3/20). Just checked, 21.10 is here.

It may be unrelated to the beta update but seems very coincidental. I’m running a v2 hue hub and a v2 smartthings hub. Hue hub is running firmware 1801260942.

Outage started this evening after a short outage which I am guessing was the new beta update

Hue Bridge

If you wanted to set things back up you could use the send logs utility in graph after you see the issue (and let me know) and I could take a look at what is going on in the hub when it’s not working. However I assume it’s probably not related to the beta. The update didn’t actually start going out until ~30 minutes after you’d posted. That unfortunately also means that the logs form when you were having the issue are definitely gone now because your hub will have rebooted since to apply the update.

Sorry about that… mine had said 3/21 for me… I assumed for all…

All of my xiaomi zigbee open close sensors have gone offline this morning after the beta push. This hasn’t happened before. All xiaomi temperature sensors, motion sensors still work and report correctly just not the dozen or so open close sensors. All are aqara models using bspranger a4refill fork. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot?

I have two Aeotec by Aeon Zwave plus dry contact sensors (7W097). Both are periodically missing an update from open back to close status. Opening and reclosing the doors a few times seems to update the hub back to door close status. May be unrelated but I have not seen this occur before the Beta 21.X.

Device Type: 2 Sengled E11-G13 bulbs
Issue: SmartThings IDE ‘Events’ log shows duplicate events.

Description: Every time I switch one of these bulbs on or off, I get duplicate events. For instance, if I turn the light on, I would expect ONLY one event in the IDE Events Log, instead I’m seeing two. These are supported bulbs by Samsung and I’m hoping now that I’m a BETA user, you can work with me to fix this issue. It’s causing issues with some of my programs because of the duplicate event logging. Thank you.

I have one of these and just tested it today repeatedly and seems to be working fine for me, what DH are you using? I am using the “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor”…

Snapshot of DH info.

I see, I decided to put up with the sensor reporting status backwards so I could have local execution. I was thinking on creating a Custom DH just to be able to change the sensor setting from Always Closed to Always Open, then we could switch back to the standard DH and enjoy proper status report AND local execution… I’ll see if I can spend some time on that this weekend…

Anyway, it may be a problem with that Custom DH, but you said it was working fine so may be better to just create a bug report in center code and let them check it for you.

Hey @bleader, I found a way to change the sensor operation mode without having to customize the device handler, I posted the instructions here:

Hopefully this helps you…

That is a great solution! Looking forward to the switch (no pun).