Aeotec Aeon Dry Contact Sensor

Hi All,

Sorry to revive this old thread but wanted document this for anyone interested.

The custom device handler solution to change from Always-Closed to Always-Open functionality of this sensor is not very good because it makes the device execute in the cloud. I recommend keeping the standard “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” so the device executes locally and then changing the sensor parameter 3 to value 1.

I originally thought about writing a custom handler just to change the parameter but then I found this really cool tool:

So these are the steps I followed to fix the problem and the sensor is working beautiful for me now:

1- Install the “Z-Wave Tweaker” DH (instructions on zcapr17’s thread)
2- Edit your device (sensor) and change the type (DH) to “Z-Wave Tweaker”
3- Wait for the SmartThings app to update
4- Open the back of the sensor and press/hold the button for 3 sec. This will put the device in Wake-Up state for 10 min so ST can talk to the device freely. Sensor led will blink while in this mode.
5- Go to the Device in the SmartThings App, the tile at the bottom should be Green (syced).
6- Hit the Gear at the top right corner and scroll down until you see the “Configure a Parameter” section.
7- Set the “Parameter ID” to 3
8- Set the “Parameter Value” to 1
9- Save
10- The tile at the bottom should now be Orange(sync pending) and should turn green (synced) after a couple of sec.
11- Hit the “Clean Up” tile.
12- Go back to the IDE and change the device type back to “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor”, the sensor will retain the new parameter.
13- Hit the button on the back of the sensor to go back to sleepy mode
13- Profit!

Note: After the SmartThings app updates the DH the device will still show as Closed, trigger it once and it will start working in Always-Open mode.

Thanks a lot to zcapr17 for the very useful Z-Wave Tweaker