Hub does not support edge drivers?

50 only drivers ???
i have ~90 devices… till now (still not complete all zwave transfers from fibaro hub)
it’s too low limit and i have allready install many useless drivers.

You can install multiple devices using a single driver as long as they are supported (included in the fingerprints.yaml file.
If you installed devices that won’t longer use, you can delete them from the ST app:

  1. You can enter a Driver to uninstall it.

You can find the code (to check the fingerprints, etc.) of the official ST drivers in this repo:

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Hi @nayelyz, could you help me as the other users with error 400 when try to install new package edge drivers… by the past i will be able to install beta edge drivers but from now im no longer able to install any drivers… i always got 400 error when try to install drivers from smartthins apps and even if i try with CLI tools i’ve got error with requestID that i think it’s important to you to support me as i can see you ask this information to other users sometimes…

mine error and ID is :
Error: Request failed with status code 400:
{“requestId”:“281FF8F4-F036-4DAB-9862-90997EB08C9C”,“error”:{“code”:“BadRequestError”,“message”:“Hub (SmartThings
Hub) does not support edge drivers”,“details”:}}

first when ive got my 400 error i will think is about i reach maximum driver that can’t be install… and can’t no longer add more drivers… so i remove 1 driver… and another 1… and again other 1… between each remove i try to install a new driver… and i can’t never install new one… so i finally delete all the drivers completely crossing fingure that somethins is corrupted and happen that i can no longer add any more driver… but unforunatly i still have the same problem with my hub edge drivers instal…even if i clear out , delete all my drivers…

could you please help me… im waiting for your news back… don’t hesistate to contact me back if need more information other then my error code 400 and request ID… thanks waiting for your news back.

my smartthins hubs if it’s important and need to know wich one model its’ the : Wifi Smartthings Hub , PLUME,. Mesh network.

SmartThings Hub
Firmware Version 000.038.00011
Hardware Version SmartThings WiFi, Plume US

Hi, @informatique.nicolas.
The issue is that Edge drivers are not supported in Wi-Fi Hubs or Samsung Connect Home Hubs. Before, you could install drivers normally despite they weren’t supported, but a lot of devs and users reported inconsistencies when using them, I asked the team and shared their feedback here:

I have a list of people interested in updates about the support of Edge in the Wi-Fi Hubs so I’ll add you.
Once the team provides more info, I’ll tag you all in that post



ok thanks for your fast reply and hope it will be fix soon and the SmarThings Wifi hub will be still supported and on the road map… it’s prety good hub device with MESH network and PLUME management who’s awesome and really better then Smartthing Hub v3 or the new Aeotec Hub… hope it’s will be fix soon… i still have old Smartthing Hub v3 i consider this v3 older then the Wifi one even if it’s the reverse things… v3 is most recent and continusly receive update firmware but Wifi Hub not!! hope you will put back Wifi Hub on roadmap and be able to support and provide Edge Drivers capability…

for now nothing i can do ?? instead of come back to my old v3 Hub you does’nt cover my entire house and get relay every where is smart bulb , smart plug and things like that who’s are not constantly power-on… instead i using Plume Wifi Hub as mesh network so perfect for any device like phone, smart tv, tablet, laptop… and also as use as repeater and cover all my entire house…

i don,t know why the Wifi Hub no longer receive firmware update… and look like remove and lost the ability of Edge Drivers… >>> bit disapointed… hope team will fix that soon… thanks to add me to the group and tagging me when good news is on… hope soon…

for now i need to continu to use old DTH drivers you no longer update… old stuff , then device goes offline many time a day… it’s nightmware since few weeks, month since EDGE is most in place the DTH look like they get more issue, stability problem then ever…

thanks waiting for your news back…

if something i can do other then bring back all my device in hub v3 instead of wifi plume… i will be really disapointed to rollback to only 1 hub v3… instead of mesh network plume (awesome system) who act! as repeater, as mesh network… and all other great things…

thanks you.

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@nayelyz , can you add me to the list of individuals with the connect home hubs that would be interested in edge support too. Thank you.

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Sure, @Garin. Done!

Please add me to the notification list also. Thanks.

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Sure thing!

Hello! Any good news for SmartThings Wi-fi users? Could you please add me to the list? Hugs!

Hi! There isn’t any news yet but I’ll definitely add you to the list :smiley:


Please add me to the list of people interested in this particular update too.

Certainly! Done :smiley:

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My hub is running firmware version 000.038.00011. When I try to install an edge driver it’s still prompting “Hub (XXX) does not support edge drivers”.

Any suggestions?

If your hub is either the Connect or Wif Mesh…those are in the process of getting a firmware update that will allow for the use of Edge. The update will run through July 25, 2022.

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@jkp Thank you, I got to to work with another Hub from the shelf. I installed some Edge drivers but how can I see that the device is using the Edge driver and not the cloud one. It’s showing “cloud” at the driver info in the api.

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@jkp I was playing around to see if I can get my thermostat (Hub in test environment and only 1 device) connected with an edge driver. I can see 4 local drivers on my hub (including a generic Z-wave thermostat driver). I assume the device (which is running with a generic Z-wave cloud driver) would be recognized by the locally installed driver, but it seems it’s still the groovy driver.

Is that a custom device handler? Supposedly, when you pair a device it should still install with the custom device handler over any Edge drivers. You would need to remove the custom device handler and then pair the device. But someone was mentioning the other day their device installed using an Edge driver when they had a custom device handler so perhaps things have changed.

If it is getting a stock device handler, you should check if the Edge driver is for that device.

Model/brand of the thermostat so others can help you figure this out.

Which hub do you have? Firmware version?