Anyone else have their hub go crazy last night?

So after several stable months with almost no issues my system now too is experiencing some instability, possibly resulting from the recent update. I’ve opened a support ticket but want to get feedback to see if the issues were isolated to my hub.

It all began with the Christmas lights coming on at 1:54am which fortunately only woke me as I would have had hell to pay otherwise this morning. I was able to turn everything off without issues, but when I looked at the history of one of the SmartPlugs it showed a a SmartLighting rule I created for presence as being the trigger. I checked all of the presence devices and discovered that all of my zigbee fobs had arrived at the same time, however both iPhones showed as being present since yesterday evening. I put off further investigation until morning.

Peeling back the layers of what happened I see that most of my zigbee presence sensors “arrived” several times overnight. I see corresponding events noting that the hub disconnecting each time, one of the disconnects lasted 1 second. I also see a hub reboot at one point too, and this morning a zwave radio power cycle before anyone woke up. checked an internet monitor which pings a website hosted here once every minute and it showed no outage overnight so if there was any kind of internet issue it was upstream somewhere.

As of 5 minutes ago the hub has disconnected again. Anyone else having issues?

Have you looked at the status of your router or cable modem? I know that my cable modem will have some problem and reboot on its own which causes about a 3 minute disruption in my Internet connectivity. This will sometimes cause my fobs to react as you described. What I’ve done is create a “Night” mode separate from an “Evening” mode so that if weird things happen like that at night to just ignore it.

There might have been some random interference occurring. Try adjusting the presence time out with these steps:

My hub has rebooted 4 or 5 times since the beginning of the month, it’s been fine for the past two days.
I’ve been getting consistent multiple arrivals (with no departures in between) with both of my ST presence senors going on two months now…

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Plus several more on my side and stuck sensors…how are your zigbee motion sensors doing?

slowly seem to be coming back, Haven’t forced a mesh rebuild yet, we’ll see if it’s still needed this weekend.
So much stuff is hit and miss, just as it has been for me since spring/summer. Reset app, pull this battery, replace that one, reboot the hub just because… Things are still just too much of a moving target problem wise for me to justify doing much more than fire fighting ATM. I’m currently grateful when 50% of my stuff works, I just wish it was always the same 50%…

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Things are settling down but minor issues persist. Before the update I might have had 3 Zigbee devices drop off over a 6 month period, since the update I’ve had 3, or 4 if I am count the one that happened on the day of the update. I am guessing the reporting of the hub going offline was caused by something upstream from home. Two outages lasted between 1-2 minutes while the rest were reported by the IDE as being 1-2 seconds long.

Zigbee has taken a hit. I’ve seen a couple “misses” when controlling a large group of smart plugs, something I haven’t seen before.

I’ve powered off my Lightify gateway that I use to update firmware on those devices. Also moved WiFi from channel 9 to 11. I do not believe any of these items to have any causal link to the issues since the update since the system ran stable for several months beforehand.

Anyhow, thank you all for your feedback!