Hub can't enter paring mode


[HUB v3 cant enter parring mode]

Have anyone experienced to not get the Smartthing hub v3 into parring mode (front LED blinking) when using the add device option Scan Nearby. When using the Scan Nearby option the hub will never enter parring mode and will never find any device. And I can see that because the front LED will never start blinking. It’s have nothing to do with the devices that I try to connect.

The only way I can get the hub in paring mode it to choose a device type or a brand to start the parring mode. Luckily the Edge Driver can be changed afterwards for the appropriate device that I have connected. But is very annoying for all the products that isn’t direct integration.

I have tried unplugging the power for a hour and reconnect it again. No luck.
Rebooted SmartThings App and iPhone. No luck.
Looked in the IDE logs for the HUB, nothing interesting.

I’m not sure when this issue started.

Devices in question: Hue Motion Sensor, Aqara Motion sensor, Aqare Humidity/Temperature sensor.

Are you by any chance using an iOS 16 device? If so, it’s an issue several people have reported.

See the following discussion:

The workaround for now is to use an Android device for the add. Once it’s on your network, you can go back to using the iPhone. Or, as you noted, you may be able to start the scan from the brand and have it add that way. :thinking:

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Thanks @JDRoberts !
Yes I’m using IOS16 the forum that you linked to is exactly the symptoms that I have.
Thanks for the clarification.
Awaiting a proper fix.

Kind regards Daniel.

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