Hub backup


Is there any way that I can backup my old hub and restore into a new one?
As I’m replacing a faulty hub with a new one, I don’t wanna start every thing from scratch…

Please help…

Sadly there is not. You’re going to have to reset all your devices to get them to pair with the new hub. And recreate everything you have. :pleading_face:

I believe there’s a way if your old hub is still alive, but i cant recall the discussion right now. @JDRoberts can you remember?

Aeotec site has a page on hub migration. It does indicate there is a hidden migration tool for v2/v3 hubs and to contact ST support. The date on the page shows is was last update about 10 days ago. Is it correct info being given - I don’t know. Doubtful since it still shows the old link to IDE.

But as noted above, it does require a working hub to migrate from.

Contact Support and see if the tool is available or not…

(Migrate from SmartThings hub to Smart Home Hub : Aeotec Help Desk)

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There was one for awhile for V2 and V3 hubs but only support could use it and, as you note, the old hub had to be fully working.

However, after a few months it appeared to have been withdrawn and several people were told by support that it was no longer available. :thinking:

It can’t hurt to ask support, but I’m not optimistic.

BTW, this issue came up a lot when the new Aeotec hub was first released. The Ambient ran a long detailed story. They were given the migration tool by support with a warning that it might fail: and it did. :scream: They said in the end they wished they had just done a manual migration.

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